Yumi Yajirushi is the older brother of Yumi Soyashi.

He is often called Yaji by his sister.

He was part of the rebellion but was captured when he was protecting his sister.


Yajirushi has got long white hair, with  blue endings in it.

He is a normal length for a 16 year old and has got dark red eyes.


Yajirushi is not understood by other people.

He doesn't mind it though, because he isn't a nice person.

He only cares about his sister, more than himself.

When necesary, he is polite, like his sister.

He is also very quiet in the rebellion group, even tough he's quite smart.


He moved to Takaoka with his family 1 year ago.

When he found out Soyashi became friends with Fukuro Chichan , he directly started to hate him.

He never had friends or trust in anyone for some reason.

His sister rescued him out of the factory and he joined the rebellion to protect his sister.

When he was captured, he was brought back home,

because trouble would happen if you take a rich person's son to jail.

He helped the group find information in their home but stayed there.


He is very smart, even though no one sees it, including himself.


Unknown mother

Unknown father

Yumi Soyashi - younger sister