Yumi Soyashi is a 15 year old girl who is a member of the rebellion in the war of 2021 in Japan.

She is in love with Fukuro Chichan.


She has a normal length for a teenager.

She has medium length blonde hair and green eyes.


She's a friendly, polite young girl who can become friends with anyone.

She has a good attitude and does everything she can if help is needed  by anyone.

She's a social type, tough her brother, Yumi Yajirushi tries to protect her too much.

She gets often irritated by his overreacting for her.


Soyashi moved here with her family a year ago.

She lives near Chichan and the two became good friends.

She met Mindiou because of Chichan, but isn't a fan of his jokes.

Her father is rich, but she doesn't use that for anything.

Her parents agreed with the Second Stage rules, which made her leave home, and her brother tried to follow her,

though he has been captured and had to work in the factory.

Later she became part of the rebellion.

When she found out her brother was captured, she was very sad.

She went with Chichan and Ayase to Ayase's home to get Shirou's address.

When she saw Ayase's dad take her outside, she took the hose and shot at her dad, without success.

Taylor told her that her brother is home, which made Soyashi relieved.

She went with the group to Toyoma where they saw some men arguing.

When Saru yelled that they should hide, she hidded in a back alley with Shizen_Fiora.

After that, she found Chichan back and went with him, Juro and Ayase to the hotel.


She has great contact with everyone, which doesn't make her suspective.


Unknown mother

Unknown father

Yumi Yajirushi - older brother