Yajima Eimi
Yajima Eimi
First Name Eimi
Second Name
Surname Yajima
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 19
Date of Birth July 9, 1994
Eye color Blue
Hair color Purple
Species Human
Status Alive
Personal Information
Occupation 464 Idol
Family Yajima Family
Relatives Yajima Eiji (cousin)
Partner Takeda Hayate
Residence Tokyo, Japan.
Nationality Japanese
Abilities/Powers Singing
Anime The Idolm@ster
Voice Actor Kylee

Yajima is a 19-year-old idol from 464.


Yajima was born into the wealthy and prestigious Yajima family. She grew up as a spoiled girl, never having to work hard or worry and this caused her to become arrogant. 

Yajima heard of the auditions for becoming an idol and decided to participate in them, thinking that she's a really good singer and performer. Yajima got accepted into the agency because there weren't enough idols to start the agency, even though Yajima's performance was decent at best. 


Yajima is an arrogant girl who thinks she's the best at almost everything; she can't take any criticism lightly. She's also pretty selfish and has strong opinions about people. Unlike her cousin, Yajima Eiji, Yajima does have the typical Yajima family attitude. 

But the truth is that Yajima is mostly arrogant and selfish because she doens't want to be a black sheep like Eiji. She got used to it, but she doesn't always like being that way. The reason why she's closest to Eiji from her family is because he's different from the family and he dares to come out for it, unlike her. 

After Antonio saved Yajima, she's trying to change into the type of person she wants to be; A nice girl who's accepted by people around her. Of course she doesn't want to change completely, so she'll stay a bit selfish and can also be arrogant at times.

Reason to singEdit

Yajima’s reason to sing is to become famous and be better than others. But later in the story her reason to sing changed to that she wanted to develop another personality and wanted to become a real idol. She wanted to escape from her family's attitude and uses idolling as one of the ways to do that.


Yajima joined the agency and was the arrogant and selfish girl from the agency until after months. There was a fire in a building she and Antonio were in. Yajima had trouble walking due to a small accident in the building and she was saved by Antonio. She then started to realize she doesn't need to be like her family and she's trying to change, but only little by little. 

Yajima is also getting closer to Takeda Hayate and seems to have a lot of fun with him. Yajima also seems to accept Keina more and especially the relationship between Keina and Eiji.  Yajima started to develop a crush on Hayate and at Halloween she and Hayate became a couple, after Antonio convinced them they should act like adults and forget about their past relationships.


Audition song: God Fate

These are songs Yajima sings with this voice:

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