Pokemon player

Xavier is a pokemon trainer from Unova.


Xavier is calm, quiet and very cold, he does not have many friends and is mostly helping begginers in Unova and Hoenn.


Xavier's father is a renowned pokemon trainer and Xavier's mother is a pokemon trainer. Xavier learned to be friends with pokemon at the age of 3 years old. Because of his quite personality it leads everyone to think that he's cool.


Xavier has brown long hair which reaches till his neck and he mostly wears a hoodie and blue jeans with black sneakers and mostly hears to music with his earphones. He has a black bag with a hole on it (created by his father) whenever Xavier wants a pokeball with a specific pokemon the pokemon will come out.


Neptune: His starter pokemon given by Prof. Juniper This pokemon is a Samurott.


Apollo: A charizard given to Xavier as a gift for completing his mission, assigned to him by Prof. Oak.



Zephyr: A serperior given to him by his father as a gift.



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