Valery is a 16-year-old girl used for Superhero RPs.


Valery used to live on her own ever since she was seven. Three years on the street and the rest in her apartment. She has no idea how she got on the street or who her parents are. Her memories from before her seventh year of age have been erased. 


Valery is the most popular girl of her school. Even though you'd think she's calm, confident, and a tad arrogant, is she pretty much the opposite. She's mostly shy, gets hurt easily, and cares a lot about other people and their feelings. Only with people she know well or trust, she isn't shy, but confident. In school she gets a love confession once in a while and doesn't want to hurt that person, so she doesn't directly reject him. She mostly says that she can't start a relationship because of personal issues, which isn't a lie. For the last few months, Valery had a lot of anger issues. She tries to control it at school, causing all the anger will be cropped up and is being released at once when Valery is home, which causes that she destroys things of her apartment. This is all an effect from her growing powers.


Valery has three abilties: the first one she discovered was the ability to read people's mind. She can read the minds of people from a 3-5 meter distance, but mostly that's only mumbling to her. She can hear the thoughts of people from a 1-2 meter distance. And less than a meter is like it gets said into her ear. Which causes that in large crowds, her head gets filled with all the voices and mumblings, giving her a major headache. 

The second ability Valery discovered was invisibility. This she discovered when she was in the hospital. The nurses seemed to look for her, while she was sitting on her bed, not noticing she turned invisible. Only later when her friend, Darren, started speaking to her, she turned back visible and found out her second power.

The third, and last ability she has, is making a forcefield around her. At first, the forcefield is weak and small. But later, after some training, it turns really strong and can cover over 30 people if it's needed. 


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