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The story happens in New Domino city, where Hugh and more people live in a city and play a game that will help Hugh and his friends to complete the quest to save Agia.


The NexusShiker E.G.G. FanFic Edit

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E.G.G. MembersEdit


Hugh (1)
(Picture made by User:NexusShiker)

Hugh Thompson
Age: 15-16 (1st Season) / 17-19 (2st Season)
Relatives: Ryan Thompson (Father) / Alice Thompson (Mother/Deceased)
Deck: Machina Xyz
Deck2: Geargia
Deck3: Flaming Star
Soul Deck: Evol
Ace(s): Evolzar Laggia/Evolzar Giggas
Affiliation: E.G.G.
Partners: Anna, Zack, Zoe and Sophie
Ocupation: Student/Guardian
Personality: Hugh is a very sad teen, he has been trying to step away from everyone else. Protecting himself so he doesn't get hurt anymore, so he is an anti-social person. But due to the event he got through, he learned he needed someone by his side. He eventually fell in love with someone who tried to kill him, Anna. But he didn't know she felt the same way.
Story: Hugh is 15 years old, after suffering a incident he gets hospitalized, after having a terrible nightmare he wakes up, later he is pursued by someone who is need. He soon has to learn that to save his friends and keep peace, he knows that he needs to hold a sin to do that and up for it.


Anna Smith.
Age: 15-16
Relatives: Director George Smith / Lucy Smith (Mother/Deceased) / Zoe Smith (Sister)
Deck: Wyrm (Fan Made)
Deck2: Fairy (Fan Made)
Deck3: Ancient Archer (Fan Made)
Soul Deck: Evol
Ace(s): Evolzar Dolkka/Evolzar Yendde
Affiliation: E.G.G.
Partners: Hugh, Zack, Zoe and Sophie
Ocupation: Student/Guardian
Personality: Anna has a rough personality, she is someone who you ask something and she is capable to punch you for no reason. This so much hate because of her relationship with her father. She later changes that personality because she starts to feel in love for the first time. You can say she is a noob at love, so she gets very shy in close moments. But this doesn't stop her from being the excellent duelist that she is.
Story: Anna has 15 years old, after seeing her mother shot she began to hate her father and blamed him for it. She then started to be with the wrong crowed and founded a group of vandals and with various members she plans to ruin her father's business, but she was interrupted so she failed.





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Chapter Tittle
Chapter 1 A request for Help. A request for Evol
Chapter 2 The Descending Evolution
Chapter 3 New Forces!
Chapter 4 Reunion Nº1
Chapter 5 Southeast Domino School, Here I go!
Chapter 6 Icy Death and Fiery Rebirth and After scenes
Chapter 7 Who said the truth was harmless?
Chapter 8 Visions are a curse. Reunion Nº2
Chapter 9 The Truth
Chapter 10 Future Feelings
Chapter 11 Let the cards rain!
Chapter 12 A new Duelist
Chapter 13 One Step Closer
Chapter 14 A Set Stage
Chapter 15 The Kingdom, part I
Chapter 16 A Meeting
Chapter 17 The Fated Duel
Chapter 18 (Ending of the First Season) A matter of Friendship

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