Shizen Fiora


Shizen Fiora is a 15 year old girl who appears in the war of 2021 in Japan.

She lives in Toyoma and guided the rebellion through the city to a hotel.

After that she stayed with the group for her own safety.


Fiora has brown hair, in a pony tail and a fringe.

She has very dark brown eyes and is the least tallest from all the other 15 year olds.


She's a very kind girl, and sweet to everyone.

She won't hurt anyone, not even with good reasons.

She has a short memory, she had that since she was born,

she will only remember things and names when she looks at something or someone she knows the name of.


After her parents found out the has a bad memory, they took extra good care of her.

She is homeschooled, because she will forget the road to school.

She knows Toyoma very well and guided the group through it to the hotel.

She stayed with the group because she doesn't know who are SS people,

so for her own safety.


She is a fast learner, so anything unknown can be learned with mentioning the name of it.


Unknown mother

Unknown father