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Shin In His Casual Clothing

Shin is a 18 Year Old Boy, He is also a serial Killer known as 'Black August' . He Has Heterochromia iridum.

Personality Edit

He Acts Kind,generous,Cool and Friendly But his real personality hides a blood thirsty demon who thirsts for blood and nothing more. He Loves the pitiful Screams Of people. He is cold and is Ruthless


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Shin Disguised during his murders.


Shin Has Black Hair which reaches till his neck,His right eye is only visible and his other eye is covered by his eye. He has blood red eyes, He also wears a Black shirt and has a Red hoodie over it. He Wears gloves and wears black Jeans. When He is out hunting for people He wears a Black Mask, He carries around a metal baseball bat or a butcher knife to kill people




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