Seth's look

Seth is one of the four great Sword Gods and a dark mage.


Seth is a tall, muscular guy with black hair and red eyes, he wears a black shirt with a coat around his waist with long black gloves, tight black jeans and black boots.

Seth carries his sword in one hand because he thinks it's pointless to have it strapped around the waist. He has a silver necklace around his neck. On his right bicep lies the mark of the azure Demon Guild.


Seth is very calm and prefers things to be quiet all the time. He shown to be calm during fights and never worries. He does care greatly for his fellow guild mates.


Seth grew up as a shadow mage, and would kill anyone standing in his way without remorse. During his traveling, as he would never stay in one place, he found the Shadow's Core, the legendary dark sword Seth was interested in mastering. He didn't manage at first, but eventually overcome his difficulties and became one of the four God Swords.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Sword Magic: Seth is able to use his sword to create long sharp energy slashes for offensive purposes.

Shadow Magic: Seth is able to create and use the shadows from his body for offensive and defensive purposes as well as being able to manipulate shadows with his sword.

Expert Swordsman: Seth has been using swords from a very long time, and as such is at ease at defeating any opponent with any sword given to him.

Hand to Hand Combat Expert: Seth is capable of fighting excellently even with out his signature weapon.

Great Magical Power: Being an S Class mage and the leader of his team, he is known to posses a large amount of Magical Power.

Keen Intellect: Seth is shown to fight extremely smartly and knows where and when to strike.