Rachel Brown
First Name Rachel
Second Name
Surname Brown
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Date of Birth October 2
Eye color Green
Hair color Pinkish purple
Species Part Demon
Status Alive
Personal Information
Partner currently none. (Previous partner; Lucius. (decayed)
Abilities/Powers Demon powers
Weapon Metal claws (in her demon form)
Voice Actor

Rachel is used in demon RPs

Rachel is a 15-year-old girl who got captured by the demons of Yasumi's father. She was trapped there for almost a year.


When Rachel was around the age of seven, her little brother got killed. Rachel's parents were always fighting and took off their frustration on her and her brother. Rachel then always took the double hit, so her little brother wouldn't get hurt (too much). But one day, her parents had a fight again. So Rachel and her brother hid in the basement. She tried to ingore the screaming, yelling and sound of breaking things. Eventually one of her parents left but they, Rachel, and her brother, stayed there. Then her little brother started to complain. Rachel was in a lot of stress, so she snapped. What she didn't notice was that people came into the house and heard her. They went into the basement and hit Rachel unconscious with a plank. Her little brother wanted to protect her, but he got killed. The people also tried to kill Rachel, but her demon kept her alive. When she woke up, the people were gone. She looked around and saw her little brother. She was standing, covered in blood and without wounds, even though the people had stabbed her several times. This made her think she was the one who killed her own brother.

Later on Rachel realized it wasn't her who killed her brother, but those people. She also figured out that those people weren't there to kill her little brother, but to kill her. 

Rachel's demon

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