Paralyzed is a novel-to-be written by no other than le me (aka, the Ranger. xD).

Okay, I don't feel like doing seriousness at the moment. Don't expect too much of this page. x'D

Or what it looks like. This is the first page I'm ever creating. Don't judge me too hard. <_<' Plzthnxluvuall. <3

Back to somewhat-seriousness.

Paralyzed is an upcoming novel or story, mainly following the journey of Elina Alden, training to become an official Warrior in order to protect her country, together with several other teenagers and young adults.

Paralyzed takes place in the country of <><><> (yet to be named, hehe). <><><> is under attack by Mutants, blablabla, the Warriors defend the citizens from the Mutants, blablabla, you need Warriors, and thus you create an academy or two/three. Yay! Interesting stuff! :D

The official name for these three academies are the United Warriors Academies, which are separated in three locations: West, East and South Academy. There used to be a North Academy as well, but due to a surprise attack of the Mutants, the academy burned down to nothing. Elina attended West Academy, until she was forced to transfer to East after a certain incident.

  • ~More info is to be added later~*