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Orpheus is the 15 year old son of the God of music, light and prophecy, Apollo.


Orpheus was found in the temple of Delphi in Greece when he was an infant, he was found in a basket near a lyre. A Local who noticed this child took him home claiming that he was a gift from Apollo himself. When he was 6 he had prophesied something and the words were; "When the maiden shall be released, the fury of the titans shall begin, the fate of the world rest on those of the prophecy". Later on when Orpheus was 10, he later understood that he was a Demigod and was the child of an unknown and terrible prophecy. At the age of 13 he started roaming around the world in order to find what the prophecy was about.


Orpheus is a calm and gentle person, who loves to be among the nature and his loved ones. He is very helpful to be with, although his looks dont say it, he can shoot you with his arrows at a very deadly accuracy. He is a master at playing almost all the instruments. He is quite athletic and powerfull, He can analyze a situation quickly.


Orpheus has yellow hair which reaches till his shoulders, he has emrald green eyes and light skin. He wears a white shirt with a tie and black jeans.

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True FormEdit

In Orpheus's true form he gets more longer hair and he wears a green cloak along with his white attire.


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