Nicole Winters

Nicole is Xanthe's best friend. They're in the same swimming club, that's also how they met.


Nicole is born and raised in England. Her parents and she moved to Japan when she was 7 years old. When Nicole was like 13 years old, she fell in love with a boy. But after she said yes to his question about becoming his girlfriend, he acted like she was just a stranger and he even cheated on her. It really hurt Nicole and not much later she started to date a boy who comforted her after she broke up with her first boyfriend. But it turned out he was using drugs, so Nicole broke up after he started begging for money to buy more drugs. She felt really bad about that. About a half an year later, Nicole had turned 14 by then, she started dating someone else, Aaron. He was really sweet to her, but he changed after a month. He raped her and since then, Nicole didn't want to date someone anymore. She was afraid to get hurt or used again. After she met Taichi (Electro's character), she fell in love again, but she was afraid to give in to it, afraid to get hurt again.


Nicole is a friendly girl, shy with strangers, but once she's your friend, she isn't that shy anymore. She has also quite a lot of guts at moments she needs it, but gets afraid once she knows or thinks she'll get hurt again. Nicole loves to hang around with friends and to laugh but she can also be serious, especially when it's about her friends.

Nicole has a little brother, Duke. He's always teasing her and she always let him pay for that.


Nicole has white hair with a pink hair lock in it and purple eyes. She's skinny, but not too skinny. She prefers to wear a jeans and a simple, but nice shirt.



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