Nathan Knight
First appearance Not Yet
Created by Gavinmatsukaze01
Starter Pokemon Snivy
Region Unova
Full Name Nathan Knight (Jap: Neisan)
Nickname/s Natty, Nat
Age 12
Birthdate 12/1/2000
Birthplace Nuvema Town, Unova
Nationality Japanese
Relatives sadf
Family asdfadsf

Nathan Knight (ネイサン Neisan)  is a pokemon trainer aiming to beat his elder brother, who is one of the best trainers in Unova. 


Nathan's father used to be in Team Plasmaas a scientist trying to modify pokemon's genetic structure to eliminate their weaknesses. Once when he was wxperimenting, the experiments failed. Nathan's father died leaving Nathan all alone with his brother and mother. Nathan's brother became a pokemon master. When Nathan was going to recieve his starter, he choose Snivy and started collecting team badges to be the best pokemon trainer in the whole region of Unova.


Starter Pokemon Edit


Snivy (LV 5)

First Gym

  • Snivy (LV 12)
  • Lillpup (LV 10 )

Sprites Edit