Myanna is the 16 year old daughter of Satan. That makes her the half sister of Victor and his brother Regret. They share the same father, but have a different mother. 


Myanna was born in hell. Her mother was there as a slave of Satan, but got set free when she was pregnant of him. Myanna's mother decided to stay but soon got captured when bad demons found out she was carrying a child of the king of the underworld. Myanna got born in a prison and her mother tried to take care of her, but couldn't. Not long after Myanna's birth, she passed away. Myanna was still prisoned. A slave of the demon took care after her ever since her mother passed away. When Myanna was old enough to get her demonic powers, she was locked up at another place. Her power got tapped away until she had none left. Everytime she had a bit of her powers left and recovered, but bit by bit she started to lose them. Myanna became a fighter without her powers and broke free from the prison. She found out who her real father was and went to the palace of Satan to see if it was true. But when she started to live at the palace, she found out about a tradition; her father should find a man for her who she has to marry if she wants or not. Myanna started to run away from the palace, to prevent that that would happen, but her father already set the deal. While running away, Myanna met a boy who helped her a bit. Later she found out it was one of her unknown brothers; Regret. When she was at the palace, begging her father to stop the marriage, she found out she got two brothers, Regret and Victor.

Myanna was held prison her whole life, but she does know a bit of the world. A loyal shadow creature called Pluto, also a pet of Victor, kept her in touch from time to time. She even saw the world sometimes through his eyes. 


Myanna is a real fighter. She can be a cold person, but won't hurt innocent people or relatives. Once she knows what she wants, she won't let go of it. Myanna can be really stubborn and also rude at times. 

Myanna's demon form

Myanna's eventual demon form


Myanna got long dark brown hair and brown, almost red eyes. She wears some ripped clothes and has wounds all over her body. 

When she finally gets her demon form back, she has really dark purple hair and red eyes. She seems harmless, but she can burn a whole city without any trouble.



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