Miruhara Hashiro is a 14 year old SEED from Fith Sector that originaly came from Okinawa.


Hashiro previously lived in Okinawa with his parents. His parents eventually died in a car crash when he was 5. He then moved into his best friend/childhood crush's house. A few years later, Hashiro became suicidal at the age of 8 and tried to commit sudicide, only to kill his friend/childhood crush. Ever since then he had became cruel and crazed.


Hashiro has Short, Shoulder Length, Light Brown Hair with Dark Brown highlights. He has Pale Skin and Light Brown and Dark Brown eyes (Both color's in each eye). He has small, black painted dots under Both his eyes and two Black painted lashes that goes on the sides of his cheeks. He also pierces the lower left side of his lip.


Hashiro is descrived crazy, lone wolf, rebelish and the cool type. He is unsual and describes himself as an "Outsider" or a "Stranger". This is an effect from his past. He can also act devilish sometimes.