Note- Well. Onto another story. This is about Kenji. Not his past or anything. Just a story. Enjoy I guess.

Chapter 1- Just another day.Edit

7:00am. The alarm clock would be going berserk right now but unfortunately it had decide to break. So the boy with the messed up hair lying on the bed was undisturbed as he slept though the next 10 minutes. His bag lay on the floor beside a table covered in paper. You couldn't see the ancient wood underneath the piles of crosswords and brain teasers. More strange stuff was scattered around the fairly large room. A board holding up yet more paper but these had hundreds of notes scribbled across them and next to the board were about 5 bulging files. The room smelled as old as the wood it was made from. The wood that had been here for a about a hundred years. But the smell as with everything went unnoticed by the boy who still lay fast asleep on the bed.

"Kenji...Kenji get up."

The boy rolled a little onto his back but remained asleep.

"Kenji! Wake up now!"

His eyelids fluttered and his hand clenched the bed sheets in annoyance.

"Damn it! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wa-"

"Alright!!" The boy snapped his eyes open and as he sat up he threw his pillow at the opposite wall. "I get the idea!" Kenji Sankai breathed heavily for a few seconds then groaned as a sharp woman's voice floated into his room.

"Kenji! Don't shout indoors. Now get ready or you'll be late!" The voice was very firm. Kenji glanced at his clock and sighed. 7:30am. He got onto the dark wooden floor and changed into some loose-fitting trousers and a smartish white shirt. He picked his bag up and walked down a winding staircase through two floors and went to the kitchen. He got himself a piece of toast and then set the table in the sitting room with cereal and other breakfast foods.

"Grandma must still be getting ready." He thought as he put the kettle on back in the kitchen.

"At least she wakes up early." Came a voice in his head.

"Yeah..yeah" Kenji said to himself. "You are so irritating. I don't need you to wake me up. The other voices are strange but they come and go. Why are you constantly here?" The voice chose not to respond to that. Then footsteps came down the stairs and Kenji went back to the sitting room. Kenji's grandmother came into the room. She was a tall and was as thin as a stick. Kenji pulled a chair out for her and she sat down. He went back to the kitchen and poured the boiling water along with two tea bags and some milk into a teapot and brought it to the table. He poured a cup of tea for her. She picked it up and sipped it carefully. He bowed his head a little and she looked at him.

"Good grief Kenji! Are those the best clothes you have?" She exclaimed.

"It's only school. I want to save my best clothes for special occasions." Kenji replied, glancing down at himself.

"Very well. Now hurry along." She replied.

"Yes. Thank you." He said and she glanced sharply at him.

"I mean yes. Thank you, Grandmother." He corrected himself and walked out of the room. He pulled his trainers on and slung his bag over his shoulder.

"Goodbye!" He called out and walked out into the sunshine. He took a breath if fresh air and smiled. A short walk through the morning sunshine brought him to a large white building. A nice fountain lay in a courtyard through an arch in front of him and more building lay around. This was a good college. More students were walking past him and going onto the main building. Kenji followed them in and went straight up to the top floor, down to the end of the corridor. He slid the door open and walked into the classroom where 4 other students were sitting on the tables and talking in their own group. One of them looked around as he shut the door and waved to him.

"Hey Kenji." Said one of the boys as Kenji put his bag down and sat on a table.

"Good morning Jack." He replied and looked round at the group. There was Jack, Laura, Kate and Dom.

"So did you like it?" Dom suddenly asked him. Kenji looked blankly at him.

"Like what..?" He asked.

"Kenji! Come on!" Kate said exasperatedly. "The new film. Walk by the River. It has Amelia Johnson, the best actress I've ever seen, AND Joshua Smith who is just as good! You must have seen it!"

" I'm afraid I haven't seen it." Said Kenji feeling a bit uncomfortable with everyone looking with disbelief at him. The others sighed.

"See. You don't fit in here." Came the voice in his head.

"And you can shut up." Kenji snapped at himself. He felt the stares back upon him. Then a small round of giggling.

"That your imaginary friend?" Jack asked innocently but his face showed he was teasing.

"Yeah yeah.." Kenji just went along with it.

"So what's it like having schizophrenia and hearing voices all the time?" Kate asked. Kenji shrugged.

"It can get annoying but I've just grown to get used to it."

"Hmm..always hearing annoying voices." Said Jack with a grin. "I know what that's like." The smile was wiped from his face as everyone hit him in a good humoured way. Then Laura took out a pack of cards a spread them out.

"Kenji. Can you take a card?" She asked.

"Ohh. You going to show us some magic?" Dom asked. Kenji sighed.

"Do I have to do this? You know I don't believe in magic." He said but took a card anyway. The 8 of spades. Laura put the cards back together and held out the bottom half of the deck face down. Kenji put the card back and she put the deck back together and started flipping the cards over from the top of the deck. Soon she flipped over a card and smiled at Kenji.

"This is your card." She flipped the next one over and there it was. The 8 of spades. Everyone around the table let out an 'ohhh' in wonderment. Everyone except Kenji. "You are subtle, I'll give you that." He said. Everyone looked at him curiously.

"Are you going to tell us that isn't magic?" Dom asked and Kenji nodded.

"When she split the deck into two halves, she looked at the card at the bottom of the top half which would be the card above mine. So when she flipped that one over, she knew that the one underneath was mine." The others all looked at each other in realisation.

"Aww.." Laura sighed. "You are good. I wanted to try and get you to believe in magic."

"Sorry." Kenji shrugged. "I don't want to put you off it but I just don't believe in magic. I believe there is an explanation for everything that isn't some supernatural force. If you want to keep doing your tricks then I won't say anything. Just do it to the others."

"Fine. Fine." She replied. "But you should go and see Amy in our literacy class. She can do some really cool things. I bet even you will struggle to explain them."

"Oh really?" Kenji was interested. "I'll have a look when we have it." Laura smiled then the bell shattered the peace of the classroom. The group disbanded and went to their separate classes. Kenji sat at the back and worked his way through maths. The air was fresh and the sun was shining. He had his friends to talk to. What a lovely day. He worked through the problems quickly and easily and sat back in the chair and watched as two birds flew slowly across the sky. Not much later the bell rang signalling the end of class. Kenji stood up and packed his things away. He went straight to the roof where, sure enough, two of the group were sitting down. This time it was Laura and Jack who were chatting while Laura did some more card tricks. Kenji sat by them.

"Hey Kenji." Said Laura. "What are you doing to do since we don't have a lesson right now and we've got a break next." Kenji shrugged.

"Just some work I guess." He said. "Maybe some puzzles."

"Boring.." Jack said with a yawn. "It all messes with with my brain."

"Impossible" Laura immediately said. "You have to have a brain first."

"Ah shut up." Jack replied. "It's like these riddles. They just don't make sense."

"They make sense if you think about them." Kenji entered the conversation. "If you just have a simple one like, what has a face but no nose. Hands but no arms and tells you something but has no mouth?" Jack's face twisted into one of puzzlement.

"How the heck should I know?" He finally said after a solid 5 seconds of thinking. Kenji sighed.

"Yeesh. It's a clock. A clock has a face, as in, the clock face. It has hands and tells you the time even though it hasn't got a mouth. Simple."

"Ooh.." Jack whistled a little. "But that's just too complicated."

"It's a riddle." Kenji explained. "It's not meant to be obvious. But then again, you think most problems can be solved with your fists." Jack laughed a bit.

"It's gotten me this far."

"Yeah yeah..." Kenji said as he got out a book from his bag and opened it then took out a pen.

"What's that?" Asked Laura.

"Just some puzzles." Replied Kenji. "It'll keep my mind occupied for a bit."

"You know.." Laura tried to spark some conversation between the three. "There's rumours we are getting a new head teacher and new student soon. They aren't related or anything. Just some news."

"I see.." Kenji said as he worked. "Shame. I like our head teacher."

"He is nice." Admitted Laura. "But I suppose change happens."

"Yeah" Jack sighed. "But he got to know all of us and he doesn't tell us off. He just helps us with the problem. Like you Kenji. How will this teacher help you with your voices?" Kenji shrugged and the three pondered over this development which could heavily impact on their future.

The three of them worked until break then when the others arrived they had a talk through break. Kenji let the others do most of the talking and worked on his brain puzzles. Then the bell broke up the 5 of them once again and Kenji went to his next class. He liked literacy because there was some freedom. In something like maths there was always a solution to a problem which he liked but everyone else solved the problem the same way. You could never solve the problem in your own way. But when you are writing, everyone has there own style and you could make anything happen. Kenji really liked that. Today they were working on essays about something linked to society. Kenji's one was about the consequences of crime. He had written a lot about the death penalty. He felt pleased with his work but yawned a little. He should have gone to sleep earlier. As always, their teacher let them pack up a little while before the end of the lesson and as usual everyone gathered around Amy. Her full name was Amy Pennock and since the first day at college she had stolen the attention of the class by apparently doing things that no-one had seen before. Kenji wasn't interested himself but Laura had asked him to so he supposed he might as well go and see what all of the fuss was about. The group around her parted as Kenji approached and she looked up.

"Ah. Kenji." She said with a smug smile. "What a pleasant surprise. Finally decided to believe in my skills?"

"Not really." Kenji replied smoothly. "But let's see what you can do."

"Hmpt. You'll see." Amy wasn't used to this kind of response. She shook her blond hair and then seemed to examine Kenji. She started to smile again. "Perhaps you should take a rest as you woke up late today." The crowd started talking to each other and some people shouted questions like 'Is that true?' and 'Believe in magic now?' Kenji shook his head.

"Impressive but I've looked in a mirror. My eyes look very tired and you may have seen the yawn." Amy frowned.

"Well. I know when the special film day for 'Walk by the River' is being launched. All the cast will be there. It hasn't even been announced yet, and I know where it is." She said provoking shouts of disbelief from everybody.

"30th-31st March. In the next town at the bottom of the hill." Said Kenji immediately and Amy could only stare in amazement at him. The crowd had burst into loud chatter and the teacher shook her head knowing that quieting them would be impossible.

"I should be going." Kenji said when the noise had died down a bit. "But thank you for that. I hope you enjoyed your cream bun."

"What?" Snapped Amy. Kenji hesitated then pointed to his upper lip. He walked away and left her to check her face in a small mirror, gasp in shock at the remains of cream left on her face that no one had dared to mention and glare at Kenji before busying herself with fixing her face. Kenji approached the classroom door and saw Laura and Kate waiting there. He went over and saw Laura giggling and Kate didn't look very cheerful.

"Ken-ji." Kate said the work slowly and through gritted teeth. "You knew...of an event..that probably less than 5 people in this whole town know of..about the greatest film ever made..and you never told me!" She grabbed Kenji's shirt and proceeded to shake him violently and shout at him for the next 2 minutes about how stupid he was and that she would 'seriously' kill him. Fortunately the bell stopped her shouting at Kenji and she stormed off down the corridor.

"So how did you know when and where this film thing is?" Asked Laura as they walked to their next lesson. Kenji shrugged.

"My Grandma knows some important people. She hears some things that happen around the surrounding towns and goes to meetings and such." He admitted.

"Ah. I see." Laura said and giggled again. "That was funny though. I would really learn about this stuff or she is going to murder you..or teach you about it in which case you would wish you were dead."

"Yeah..yeah." Kenji said. "But I'm not social. I don't go out to film premieres and look at music charts."

"I know. Fine. But don't keep anything like that a secret or she will snap." Said Laura. "See ya." She waved as she walked off to her lesson. Kenji sighed and walked out to the sports hall. Most of the other boys had changed already so Kenji quickly got his P.E kit on and went into the hall. The teacher was explaining what they were doing but Kenji could tell from the mats on the floor that they were doing wrestling or some kind of fight activity. The teacher's words confirmed this.

"...I know fighting isn't for everyone so I will pick the opponents. Get your opponent onto the ground to win. The mat is large enough so stay on it to avoid injury. This is a good way to improve muscle strength and gain some skills but let me make this clear. What happens in class stays in class. This isn't to make grudges though I don't mind is you want some revenge next lesson so long as you keep to the rules. That's no biting, scratching or that sort of dirty move and no punches in the face. Ok. Lets go and enjoy yourselves." Kenji sat by Jack as pairs were called up to fight for 3 minutes. The mats stopped any serious injuries but there would be plenty of bruises. 20 minutes into the lesson a bulky lad stepped into the ring. Conner was the generic bully of the school. Big and powerful and picked on anyone and everyone who he disliked he had tried to hurt Kenji many times and now he loomed over his opponent. The other boy stood bravely against him but Kenji knew the match wouldn't last long. He was right. Conner simply punched the boy in the gut then roughly pushed him down onto the mat. He looked smug as he stepped off of the mat and joined the other on the floor. A few better matches followed before Kenji's turn came.

"Alright. Kenji, Jack. Get up here and show us what you can do." The teacher announced. Jack grinned at Kenji as they stood up. Kenji noticed Conner looking moodily at Jack. That was the reason Conner had only tried to hurt Kenji. Jack stopped him every time. But Kenji knew Conner wouldn't give up until he had spilt some of his blood. They took their places on the mat and faced each other.

"Come on then, brain box." Said Jack with that annoying grin still on his face. "You think you can win?"

"We will see, muscle head." Kenji shot back. "We will see." Their fight began with a shout from the teacher. Kenji immediately raised his arms as he knew what was coming. Sure enough Jack tried to ram into him but Kenji managed to push him back. They traded blows but Jack easily blocked them and Kenji, being guided by luck more than anything else managed to avoid some heavy attacks. Jack aimed a punch at his chest but Kenji dodged right and tried a punch of his own. But it wasn't going to work. Jack knew how to fight. He easily evaded Kenji's attack and rammed into him. Kenji stepped back to balance himself but Jack swiped his legs from under him and Kenji crashed onto his back.

"Ok." The teacher said and clapped. "That's enough you two. Good fight. Ok everyone! That's enough for today. Get back to the changing rooms." The other students made their way out of the hall and Kenji looked up at Jack who reached down a hand for him.

"You're getting better." He said, smiling. "I guess you aren't all brain and no muscle after all."

"Good that you finally noticed." Kenji replied, taking his hand and getting to his feet. "But you're still all muscle and no brain."

"Funny." Jack retorted as they went to the changing room. "So anyway. Did you go and see that Amy person?"

"Yeah." Kenji said, thinking back to the last lesson. "But as with most things. My opinion was different to everyone else's."

" surprise there." Jack muttered. They took the last 5 minutes of the lesson to get changed then the bell went for lunch. As usual, they went to the canteen to meet with the others Kenji reached a table and saw Dom and Laura coming over with their food. Without thinking Kenji pulled out the chair so Laura could sit down.

"Why thank you." She said with a smile and he bowed. Dom whistled a bit and Laura raised her eyebrows. Kenji froze as he realised what he was doing. He straightened up quickly and sat down. Dom was about to comment but decided against it. Occasionally Kenji acted like this servant or butler and although it was very amusing, they knew he was shy about it so they didn't say anything.

"So.." Laura said and moved the topic onto the school dinners while they ate. Kenji took out his lunch from home and started eating. Soon he started to join in the conversation.

"Aw. You get all the good food." Dom complained looking at all the high-class food that made up Kenji's lunch. "And I'm stuck with this slop."

"I'm sorry..." Replied Kenji and held out some of his food to him.

"Kenji!" Laura scolded him and pulled his hand back. "It's not your fault that Dom's parents are so busy that it's easier for him to get his own lunch here. Don't give him food."

"Thanks for that." Said Dom sarcastically. "School food is disgusting..."

"If you don't like it then I'll have it." Said Jack, coming over with a tray of food.

"You like this stuff!?" Dom was surprised.

"Nah. I just want to shove it in your face without wasting my food." Replied Jack with a sly grin and Laura sighed. Kate came over with her lunch and took a cold look at Kenji before sitting as far as she could from him. Jack immediately noticed.

"What happened between you two?" He asked. Laura started giggling again.

" was so funny.." She said and retold the events of literacy and soon, even Kate was laughing. Jack made endless jokes about the whole thing and it was an enjoyable lunch time.

The last two lessons went by in no time. Chemistry and History. Everyone in the class had a small laugh as Jack was sent out again because he was no longer trusted to do experiments after he wanted to see what would happen if he did the opposite of the teachers instructions and ended up blowing up a substantial amount of the classroom. No one was hurt but the teachers didn't want another calamity. History was alright but it was one of those lessons where it was just taking notes while the teacher talked constantly. It didn't happen very often but it was extremely boring. Kenji tried to concentrate but the voice in his head was being as irritating as ever but luckily Kenji could work out most of what the teacher was saying. The final bell finally went and Kenji made his way to the front of the college. The blossom flew gently through the breeze and the sun shone down through the white fluffy clouds. None of his friends were waiting so Kenji headed straight home. He passed other students on the way and arrived home in 15 minutes. The door was locked so his Grandmother must be out. Good. There wouldn't be any questions to answer. Kenji let himself in and went straight up to his room. He grabbed one of the files and went straight downstairs. He grabbed his scarf and wrapped it tightly around his face and left the house. People might give him a strange look as he went down the street on a hot day dressed in a thick scarf but Kenji wasn't paying attention to them. The purpose of the scarf was to hide his face. This was the reason why he rarely went out. This was why he walked a little faster than usual. Inside that file was all the information on a crime that Kenji had worked out. This involved the people responsible, how the crime happened and where they were. This is what Kenji did. Find a crime in the newspaper, solve it and deliver everything to the police in secret. He still had his bag on as he arrived in front of the police station. That helped. Everyone would assume he was a college kid who had crashed his car or something. It was stereotype but there is a stereotype for everyone. Boys, girls, adults and children. They just aren't true anymore. But Kenji chose to not think about this as he walked into a clean, basic reception area. There were a few people sitting down but they paid him no attention as they were too busy worrying about their own problems. A policeman behind a glass screen was talking to an old couple about something. Kenji wasn't paying attention to them. The security camera had been looking at the door but Kenji kept his head down and made his way over to a table with some fresh flowers. He quietly put down the file on it and quickly made his way out before anyone noticed. He breathed a sigh of relief. A glimmer as the sun reflected off something. Kenji looked up. Nothing but an empty alleyway.

"What's wrong?" The voice asked.

"Nothing.." Kenji replied and walked away. Away from the camera hiding in the alley. The camera that had just caught a glimpse of his face.

Chapter 2- Something Old, Something New.Edit

Another week went by and nothing interesting happened. Kenji dropped off the rest of his files and started two new cases. Classes went by and he still couldn't be convinced that magic existed despite Laura's best efforts. Thankfully he never had to go against Conner in PE and he won most of his matches except when he went against Jack again. Kate never stopped asking about event happening next week but Kenji couldn't give her anymore information.

"Come on..." She moaned one lunchtime. "You must know something.."

"I'm sorry." Kenji sighed. "They aren't saying much about it. It's very secretive." Kate was grumpy for the rest of the day much to Jack's amusement. After school they went to the park and Laura had a bad experience with a wasp. It ended with her climbing to the top of a climbing frame and refusing to come down until the others managed to chase it off somewhere else. Jack finding the whole thing hilarious didn't help. But they finally sorted everything out and Jack got into an argument with Dom over who goes down the slide first which resulted in Dom being pushed down with Jack right behind him.

"They are a pair of 5 year olds." Said Kate, struggling to not burst out laughing.

"They are indeed." Kenji agreed. "But I'm glad. It takes some of the seriousness out of college when you see them messing about."

"I guess.." She replied then watched as they went down the slide on top of each other. "But..I do worry about their future.." She sighed.

"Heh. That's true." Kenji smiled then watched as Laura started fidgeting next to him. "The wasp has gone now."

"I know.." She said nervously. "But I keep hearing this buzzing.."

"Ah." Said Jack, finally coming over. "That would be the other one. It's right by your head."

"What!?" She squealed and shook her head and looked for it but of course. There was nothing there. She glared at Jack who couldn't stop laughing. "I'm going to kill you!" Then began the chase between them which ended in them both lying down, tired on the grass. It was getting late so they all decided to disband and go home. Kenji was scolded by his grandmother for dirtying his shirt and the voice never let him hear the end of it. Kenji was tired so he didn't do much else and settled into bed and fell asleep instantly.

Another day dawned and Kenji had another rude awakening. He yawned and threw on some decent clothes before looking at his timetable.

"I've got that extra lesson today.." He sighed. "Looks like I can't meet up with the others after school.."

"They are better without you anyway." Came the voice as usual. Kenji rolled his eyes and went down to get his breakfast. His Grandmother complained about his clothes but he got out of it and swung his bag over his shoulder and walked to school. It was still sunny but the clouds were rolling in. He joined the others and noticed a slight red mark on Jack's face and smiled. It seemed Laura had gotten revenge for yesterday.

"Hey Kenji." Jack said with a grin. "We've got business first thing."

"I can't wait..." Kenji replied and smiled.

"Why do you do that class anyway Jack?" Asked Kate.

"Oi." He retorted. "People think I'm stupid by looking at me. I'm going to show them I'm not." They chatted about plans and things until the bell went. Kenji walked with Jack to their classroom and sat down. Kenji was at the front with Jack sitting in the row behind him. Conner stomped in and sat down a few seats away. Their teacher, Mr Komoi took his place at the front of the room.

"Alright everyone." He quietened them without much difficulty. "We've got a new student. She has transferred here but that doesn't mean you treat her any differently. Please welcome, Emma Jenkins." A girl walked in and looked at them. She had long brown hair and surveyed them all with intelligent eyes which she tried to make look innocent. Kenji liked new students because it meant it was someone else he could get to know. Suddenly his head hurt and he closed his eyes. He looked back up at Emma and suddenly the ceiling began to crack and fall on her.

"Look out!" He shouted and vaulted over his desk and leapt at her and brought them both to the floor. He waited for the crash but nothing came. He looked back and now saw that the ceiling was fine. A hallucination. He looked back at her as she stared in disbelief at him.

"What the hell is wrong with you!!?" She shouted and slapped him across the face. Conner, looking for a chance to hurt Kenji, leapt up and pulled him off of her.

"Leave her alone!" He yelled in Kenji's face before bringing his fist up. Then Jack pushed his way forward and grabbed Conner's arm.

"What are you doing!?" He yelled. Conner turned on him.

"I'll fight you then!"

"Come on then!" Jack refused to back down. Then a sharp slap resounded across the classroom and Jack and Conner rubbed the back of their heads. Mr Komoi glared at both of them.

"That's enough you two." He said. "Conner. Sit back down. Jack. Take Kenji to the medical room. He needs a break." Conner grumpily returned to his chair. Emma slowly stood up and looked at Kenji with malice.

"What is wrong with you?" She spat. "Did your parents raise you this way?" Kenji felt a huge sting in his heart and then the memories came. His parents, smiling. Then a figure. His parents screaming and..their blood spilling out. He turned away the tear already falling. Jack glared at her and was about to say something but Mr Komoi cut him off.

"Go." He told them. "Emma. Please sit down there. I'm sure someone will explain what happened." Jack put his arm around Kenji's shoulder and walked him out. Emma slowly sat in an empty chair near the back of the room. Jack took the quiet Kenji to the medical room which was a large cold and white room with a few beds. It was very clean and functional. Kenji sat down and Jack looked down at him.

"You just sit there, mate." He said. "I'll head back but take as long as you need." Kenji merely nodded and Jack left. About 5 minutes later, a young woman came in and saw him.

"Oh. Hello Kenji." She said and sat at her desk. "What seems to be the problem?"

"..another hallucination..Miss Adams.." Kenji mumbled. Miss Adams was, of course, the nurse. She smiled and pulled her chair over to him and sat down. She lay her hand on his forehead.

"How are you feeling?" She asked.

"..just a small headache.." He replied. "I'll be fine.." He slowly got up but his shoulder was suddenly grabbed and he was pushed back down.

"I'm sorry." Miss Adams said with an apologetic smile. "But I'm afraid you can't go just yet. I just need to make sure you are ok."

"Fine.." Kenji was still a bit sad. Miss Adams went to a sink and brought back a glass of water and handed it to him. Kenji nodded and took a drink. The ice cold water gave him a small shock but it helped calm him down.

"Feeling better?" She asked.

"Yes..thank you.." He replied and put the glass down.

"Do you need anything? Like paracetamol?" She tried to hide the look of concern.

"No..don't worry about me.." He looked at the floor. She lay her hand on his shoulder.

"Kenji. It's my job to worry about you lot. You are in here more than anyone. It's not your fault but I can't send you back if you aren't well."

"I'll be fine.." Kenji was adamant about it. She sighed.

"Ok..ok. But any more problems this week then I'm defiantly giving you some medication and you should take something when you get back hime. An energy drink would suffice and get plenty of rest." Kenji just nodded. Miss Adams looked at him in worry one last time.

"Just sit here for a few minutes. Clear you head." And she was gone through the door. Kenji sat there looking at the floor.

"I'm so stupid.." He sighed. "I ruined someone's first day.." Then footsteps came down the corridor and a man walked into the room. Mr Musaki. The head teacher. Miss Adams must have ask him to come. He came over and sat on the bed next to Kenji.

"Hey." He said with a smile. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine.." Kenji said quietly.

"Now. That's not the voice of someone who is 'fine'" he immediately said. "So what's wrong?"

"It's just.." Kenji was resentful to tell him. "In business..we had a new student come in..she was just being introduced..then I had a hallucination..that the ceiling was collapsing on her..I got up and tackled her to save her..but yeah..there was nothing wrong.."

"I think you can be forgiven for a misunderstanding like that Kenji." He replied. "It doesn't happen often but you don't need to get so down when it does. Everyone knows what it is and I'm sure they will explain it to the new girl. So cheer up, ok?" Kenji paused for a few seconds then nodded. "Ok. Thank you."

"No need to thank me." He said with a smile. "I've got some boring paperwork to sort out. You take this lesson off. I'm sure someone will bring your stuff."

"Ok. it true that you are leaving soon?" Kenji asked and Mr Musaki looked at him, slightly regretfully.

"Yes..unfortunately it is.." He sighed. "The council think that standards are slipping in here and..well. Apparently I'm not doing a good job so..I'm getting replaced."

"But.." Kenji didn't like what he was hearing. "We are getting good grades. How can our standards be slipping..?"

"Unfortunately not everyone is like you Kenji" he replied with a smile. "Some people just can't be bothered to work and can't find a good job. Which is understandable. School isn't for some people but there aren't that many jobs going around these days."

" you know you is replacing you..?" Kenji asked.

"I'm afraid I don't. Sorry. I'm sure you'll be fine with them." Kenji doubted that very highly. "But you are a good head teacher."

"Yeah. I am pretty amazing, aren't I?" He said with a grin then stood up. "See you another time. Take care." He walked out. Kenji sadly watched him go. Mr Musaki was one of those great teachers who got to know every student so he was someone you could talk with easily. It would be sad to see him go.

Back in class, everyone was packing away. Emma had managed to calm down. She stood up and her arm was lightly grabbed. She turned and one of the girls from the class was there.

"Hi. I'm Anna. Are you ok?" She said.

"I'm fine." Emma replied.

"I just wanted to tell you about what happened back then."

"What? With that crazy idiot?" Emma's face made it quite clear she still resented Kenji.

"Well. That was Kenji." Anna shuffled nervously, unsure of how much she should say. "He isn't crazy..he..well. He has schizophrenia. He hallucinates doesn't happen much but he sees things that aren't real. I guess he saw something happening to you and reacted on it."

"Then why is he even here?" Emma demanded. "Why isn't he in some special school?"

"Because he gets good grades." Anna replied. "The head teacher is afraid that if he goes to a special school he won't learn enough stuff to get him a good job."

"Oh..but. What does his parents think about this?"

Anna looked at her very seriously. She got closer and said quietly. "Don't tell him that I told you..he doesn't like anyone to know. But Kenji's parents were murdered..right in front of him and the thing with him is..he has an amazing memory. It's unbelievable. But he remembers that event really well. And talking about his parents bring the memory back..he lives with his grandmother yeah. Now you know."

"I see.." Emma considered this very carefully. It could be a valuable piece of information. But she should just leave him alone for now. The less people she got to know, the better. Jack, who had heard the conversation turned and walked out. Even though it was an accident, he didn't like this new girl. Jack brought Kenji's bag and the work they were given to him. As he felt well enough to leave the medical room, Kenji went to the next lesson where unfortunately he had none of his close friends with him. But he worked like last lesson hadn't happened and although he heard hushed whispers and a few people pointing in his direction, he ignored them. Then it was a break. He chose to not tell the others what happened and Jack kept his mouth shut about it and joked around as usual. The day went past without any more incidents and very soon the final bell came and they all met outside a classroom.

"End of the day at last." Dom said, relieved. "What are you guys gonna do?"

"I've got my job today." Jack said. "I'll see you lot tomorrow or whenever." He walked off.

"I've got an extra lesson today." Kenji said. "Sorry but I can't go with you."

"That's fine." Kate replied. "I've got homework to do anyway. I guess we should head home today."

"That sounds best" Laura agreed and they walked away together. Kenji headed to his lesson. It was fairly uneventful. There was only 3 other students and they weren't talkative. It was hard to believe but sometimes he thought the teachers were more fun than most of the students. The end of the lesson soon came.

"Alright everyone." Said Mrs Hopkins, their teacher for these 'extra' lessons, in her soft voice. "Let's pack up for today. Kenji. Do you mind stopping behind to tidy up?"

"I don't." Kenji said. Every day, a student was picked to tidy up a row of classrooms. It helped them learn where everything was and was helpful for just everyday life and Kenji was quite a messy person. "You can count on me."

"Good." She said, smiling. "Don't stay too long or you'll get locked in." She left with the other students. Kenji stood up. This classroom was pretty tidy. Only a few things needed putting away. He finished it quickly and walked out into the corridor. It was fine to leave his bag in the classroom. There was barely anyone left in and most people wouldn't try stealing anything. He looked at the corridor. 3 more classrooms to tidy. Kenji walked into the next one and groaned. The class in here had been doing a practical lesson. Making some things. There was paper and cardboard everywhere. This was going take longer than expected. Kenji got to work, putting any still useable paper away and the rest in the bin. It took quite a while but he finished and fortunately the other rooms weren't as messy. The sky was starting to turn orange by the time he was finished. He straightened up, pleased with his work. A small dip in light and a shadow flashing by the door made Kenji think someone went past. The caretaker must still be in. Good. The school should still be open. Kenji gave the rooms a second check before going back to get his bag. He picked it up and paused. He put his hand on a pocket before walking out. The school's silence was unusual but it was nice. Kenji walked down the corridor towards the exit. He passed the head teachers office and took one more step before freezing. The head teacher must have gone why was the office light on? The caretaker didn't clean this office. Mr Musaki insisted on doing it himself. Kenji slowly opened the door. It only made a soft click but it was enough to make the figure crouched over the drawers stiffen up in shock. Long brown hair shuddered. "Hello Emma." She slowly turned her head and looked less than pleased to see him.

"...Kenji" even saying his name displeased her. "Why must it be you of all people to be here so late..?"

"I'm not going to tell anyone." Kenji said. "I want to know why you are stealing." Emma stood up and looked him straight in the eye. "Fine. You want to know?" She spat the words at him. "My dad is in prison and my mum has pretty much given up on me. She's gone off somewhere. Now social services don't want me to have a life. They don't let me have money and they sent me here so I couldn't get a proper job. That's why I steal."

"Put the money you stole back in the drawer." Kenji said the words slowly and the silence was broken by the quiet thump as the caretaker started coming up the stairs. In a minute he would find them. Emma glared at him and dropped the small bag she had in the drawer and shut it. She turned the light off and walked past Kenji.

"I would ask for my wallet back but you can use that." Kenji said. "It will give you enough basic food for about a week." Emma cringed as the one thing she thought she'd gotten away with was gone.

"I wanted to leave you alone.." She said with real anger. "But I hate you. I know people. I will find ways of making you suffer." She stomped off down the corridor and pushed past the caretaker who had come round the corner. Kenji turned and walked in the other direction. He certainly didn't like the sound of that.

Chapter 3- A walk by the river.Edit

The rest of the week flew by and Kenji stayed out of Emma's way and she didn't go near him either. There was those moments where he had no choice but to speak to her. He was told to apologise for what he did in the first lesson. But she hid what happened between them well and acted sweet and innocent when people were around them. Kenji acted normal so no one would suspect anything. Friday came and everyone was relieved at the week off where they could relax. Unfortunately, at lunchtime Kenji's small group had gathered in an empty classroom to find Kate sitting there, in tears.

"Hey..what's wrong..?" Said Laura rushing over to her.

"I-It's nothing.." She said looking up.

"Hey" said Jack. "That's clearly not 'nothing'. Come on. Tell us."

"W-well.." She sobbed. "It's the stupid film day next week! They aren't selling tickets! They only give them to certain 'important' people! I really wanted to go..." Everyone sat down with her and tried to calm her down. Kenji rummaged through his bag and brought out a small slip of paper.

"If you really want to go." He said, looking at it. "I've got a group pass." Everyone stopped immediately. Kate stared at him with tear stained eyes.

"H-How..?" She could barely say the words, she was almost speechless.

"My Grandmother got it because she helped with the project and she assumed that we could go." He replied, feeling a bit nervous with everyone staring at him. He hadn't expected this reaction. " it a problem?"

"Ken..ji.." Kate didn't know whether to be mad or joyful. He hadn't told her..but he did get her into the event. She was physically shaking slightly. Suddenly she leapt on him and hugged him tightly. "T-Thank you.." She whispered. "Thank much.." Kenji was very taken aback by Kate's sudden reaction. "'s..fine.." He said slowly.

The others smiled. "I guess we are all going then" Laura said. "That ok with everyone?"

"I've got no other plans." Jack replied and Dom nodded. It took a few minutes for the still overcome Kate to let go of Kenji. When she did eventually calm down, she took one look at Kenji and refused to go near him now that she had lost a lot of respect from the others. Kenji however, was glad that he could help. The others joked around and talked about lessons and such while they ate lunch. A couple of boring lessons later and it was the end of school. Kate and Laura were packing away when Emma came over to them.

"Oh. Hello. New Emma." Kate said, turning around. "Do you need something?"

" are Kenji's friends, right?" She said, suddenly turning a little timid.

"Yes..why?" Asked Laura suddenly taking an interest.

"Well..I.." Emma shuffled nervously and glanced away. "I've..had a few lessons with him now..and..I've him.."

"Really..!?" Exclaimed Laura and put her hand over her mouth as other students who were still in the room glanced at her. Emma nodded.

" you help me..?" Emma carried on. "You know..maybe..tell me his likes and dislikes..?"

"Of course" said Laura, smiling happily. "I'll tell you everything you need to know."

"Yeah. I'll help you." Said Kate, smiling at the thought of teasing Kenji about it.

"Thank you so much" said Emma with a smile and that smile grew as she learnt everything that Kenji liked..and hated.

The next week came around quickly and the group gathered at the train station straight after school.

"Where is Kenji..?" Kate was getting impatient.

"Calm down." Laura sighed. "You've said that 4 times already..he'll be here in a minute."

"Since he went home to get ready, he's probably got distracted again." Laughed Jack.

"Hey! Sorry to keep you waiting." They all turned around to see Kenji walking up to them.

"Where were you?" Demanded Kate.

"I..err.." Kenji rubbed the back of his head. "..had to finish something quickly..sorry."

"Geez. You're hopeless." Kate was about to throw more abuse at Kenji when the train rumbled into the station, cutting her off. They all crowded into an empty carriage at the end. A few minutes later the train jerked forward and soon got underway. Dom just stared out of the window while the others talked.

"So. What exactly is this film about anyway?" Asked Kenji.

"You..mean you didn't watch it before you came!?" Gasped Laura. Kenji shook his head.

"You idiot.." Kate was less than impressed. "Alright. I'll explain. The main plot is about a 25 year old man called James Blake and he has this condition which means he forgets a lot of what he has done recently. Kind of like a short-term memory problem but very bad. Anyway, he has to be treated like a child with someone supervising him all the time. He doesn't see much of the outside world but one day, he manages to get outside and takes a walk along the river on a lovely autumn day when he meets Emily Witton, an 23 year old lady who has just finished a course in medical science. They meet and get to know each other as they walk along the river. But James quickly forgets most of this and Emily is heartbroken. But they battle through all of their problems and one thing James manages to remember is that walk. So romantic...~" Her voice faded as she closed her eyes and a smile crept over her face.

"She's gotten too much into it..." Sighed Laura. "But yeah. The important river scene was filmed in the town where we are going so they had this special day there."

"Ok." Kenji nodded in understanding as the train came to a halt. The event took up a section of the river and there were tents and such. Hundreds of people were gathered around the barriers that surrounded the place shouting and trying to get their cameras above the people in front of them.

"Wow...~" Kate's face shone with happiness as they walked into the main tent. The security guard looked suspiciously at them as Kenji handed the ticket over and they went in.

"What was his problem?" Hissed Jack.

"We are a bunch of kids entering an event for high class people." Explained Kenji. "We may look a little suspicious"

"Whatever.." Jack wasn't happy but cheered up as they got inside. There was food and drink and the directors and staff to talk to and get autographs from. Kate had already visited everyone before the others had a chance to take in their surroundings. She came back with several autographs scribbled across a book she had.

"Come on!" She said, excitedly. "There is so much to see."

"Yeah..yeah." Replied Jack and they followed her around, looking at movie props and talking to staff. Kenji kept quiet and just listened and learnt about the emotional, plot twisted roller-coaster ride that was 'A Walk by the River'. After what seemed like an age, Kate was finished..or at least she would have been if there hadn't been a huge cheer from outside. She rushed out to see a fenced off walkway with several people walking down, waving to the cheering crowd. Kate gasped and dived straight into the crowd and shoved her way to the front.

"The actors, I assume?" Inquired Kenji and Dom nodded.

"Yep. In all their glory" he said. Kate was screaming and cheering at them, savouring the moment for all it was worth. The actors waved and shook hands with some of the public. Even though she seemed to be the most enthusiastic about the event, the actors and actresses missed her as they made their way along the carpet. But even this couldn't change her mood. They walked past her and disappeared down into the crowd. Kate wanted to go after them but the crowd was too thick. She backed out and went back to the group. Her face was almost shining.

"This is the best day of my life~!" She happily said. "Let's look around the set now."

"Hang on." Kenji cut in. "Come back into the main tent first."

"Why?" Kate was impatient to see more. "I've seen everything in there."

"Just trust me." Kenji looked at her. "You'll like it." Kate looked at the others but they didn't object to his suggestion.

"Fine...but this better be good." She grumbled and looked at the vast array of things that would have to wait. They all went back into the tent. It was quieter now. Most of the directors and businessmen had gone to other places and just a few young mean and women remained.

"So...what am I supposed to be waiting for?" Kate asked, looking around expectantly. Kenji held up his hand a bit for patience. Kate sighed and looked at some props. A few minutes later, there came a rustle as the flaps into the tent opened. She looked up, not expecting much but her eyes widened as wide as they could go and the breath halted in her throat as the actors and actresses who she had just seen walking outside, came into the tent. She stared at Kenji who nodded and smiled. The actors spread themselves among the room. Some went to get food and some spoke with the remaining visitors. Kate looked around nervously and went to the others.

"I-Is this really happening..?" She stuttered. "Can I..really them..?"

"Of course." Kenji replied. "Knock yourself out." She didn't need telling twice. She rushed off to meet her heroes. Dom, Laura and Jack wandered off as they had also seen the film. Kenji just stood out of the way and watched. After a few minutes, an elegant, slender woman came over to him. Her dress flowed behind her and even without the makeup, it was clear she had a face made for the big screen. She smiled gently at him.

"You can come over and talk to us if you want." She said. "Don't be shy."

"Thank you.." Kenji replied. "..but I wouldn't know what to talk about."

"Don't you have any questions about the film..erm..can I ask you what your name is?" She questioned.

"I'm Kenji." He answered. "What about you?" Kate, who was talking to a young man nearby, immediately saw red. She walked over to him, a bit faster then normal, grabbed his head and forced it down.

"When you are talking to the greatest actress ever..." She whispered ferociously. " do not ask what her name is..! You should know that's Amelia Johnson!"

"Are you two ok..?" Amelia asked, looking at them a little curiously. Kate immediately let him go and stood in front of Amelia like she was some sort of soldier ready to take orders.

"A-Amelia's such an honour to meet you...I'm so sorry. My friend is a bit forgetful and must not have recognised you..but he's ok now...aren't you?" She said the last bit with a bit of menace. Kenji sighed a little as he stood up. He nodded.

"Yes. Sorry about before. Of course, you are Amelia Johnson." He said so Kate could relax. Amelia smiled at them.

"So, have been all around the set yet?" She asked them.

"Oh. No..not yet.." Kate said a bit quiet, afraid that anything she said could offend the actress. "We haven't had the time yet.."

"Oh, don't worry. There is still plenty of time." Her tone of voice was always gentle.

"Why don't we all go for a walk around the set?" Came a voice from behind them. Kate and Kenji looked around to see a young man with slicked back brown hair and a suit standing, smiling at them. Kate gasped.

"That's a wonderful idea Josh." Amelia nodded. "It'll be good to get some fresh air."

"J-J-Joshua Smith..." Kate could hardly get the words out. "It's really you.."

He smiled warmly at her. "What can I do for you?"

Kate almost thrust her book into him. "Please sign this..!" He chuckled.

"Of course." He took a pen out of a pocket and scrawled his name and a short message across a page. He looked at Amelia. "Have you signed it?" She shook her head and took the book and signed it as well. "There you go." She handed it back to the delighted Kate. "Do you have anything you want signed..?" She turned to Kenji but he shook his head.

"I didn't bring anything I'm afraid. But what do you mean by going on a walk?"

"How would you like walk around with Amelia and myself?" Kate stared up at him and was about to scream with joy but Kenji cut in first.

"Is that really alright?" He asked.

"Of course." He replied. "Just let us change into more comfortable clothes. Bring your friends if you want." He and Amelia left the tent through a second exit and Kate managed to get out a squeak.

"Is this..really happening..?" Her voice was barely recognisable. The others had heard the exchange and came over.

"Can we come too?" Laura managed to keep the excitement from her voice but it was all over her face.

"You coming even though you haven't seen the film?" Jack casually questioned Kenji.

"Yep. It could be fun." Kenji replied. "I'm not staying here while my friends go off."

"Heh. Look at that. He think we are his friends." Said Jack, good humouredly.

"Yeah..yeah.." Kenji rolled his eyes. About 10 minutes later, Amelia and Joshua came back. Amelia had changed from the dress to a cardigan and a knee length skirt while Josh had gone for jeans and a T-shirt.

"You all ready?" Josh inquired and they all nodded. "Then lets go." They headed out and saw how quickly the crowd had dispersed now that the other actors had gone to other places. They joined the river path and followed in the actor's footsteps. Kenji smiled and looked at the peaceful scenery. Kate was split between looking at everything and asking a million questions to Josh and Amelia. The others slid in a question whenever they could. Josh and Amelia showed them round all of the film set, talked to them about what it was like filming the movie and the good bits and bad bits about filming in general. Eventually, when Kate was satisfied, they brought the conversation to talking about Kenji's group.

"So, as much as I've enjoyed your company.." Amelia looked at them. "I'm curious to know how you got in here. I was told only high ranking people could attend."

"Kenji got us in." Jack replied. "He's a posh boy...and even hasn't seen the film." He added hoping to get a reaction from Kate.

"Come on." Kenji complained. "I didn't exactly choose to live where I do. I'm no different to you guys. We're a team."

"That's sweet." Amelia smiled at them. "You brought your friends even though you may not have been interested in it yourself."

"Yeah. I like that." Josh nodded. "Reminds me of when I was at school. I had a close group of friends. We did everything together. But then we went our separate ways."

"Do you still talk to them?" Dom asked.

"No." He replied. "It's a shame but they've all split up, found their special someone and settled down...not that that will happen to you." He quickly added.

"I'm sure you'll all keep in touch, even after you've gotten older."

Amelia nodded in agreement. "As much as I love my job and I'm glad to not have to do exams, I kinda miss school and my old friends. But it just passes so quickly and suddenly you are stuck at home wondering what to do.." She shook her head and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, I got lost in my thoughts a bit there." Kate, of course, was hanging on every word she said.

"It doesn't feel like school is going by quickly.." Jack moaned. "School is going so slow now that exams are near."

"Don't worry. I know what you mean." Said Amelia with a chuckle. "But you'll finish eventually. Just focus on one day at a time. But I wondered, you look like you've got a variety of personalities in your group, which is good. How did you all come together?" A few moments of silence while everyone thought back before Jack broke it with his simple explaining.

"I'm the violent one and Kenji's the smart one.." He began explaining. "So, many years ago, he sorted me out when I was having problems and we've been best friends since then..then there is Kate, the social one, she transferred into our high school and had a few problems with bullies and not many friends. We sorted it out and she hung around with us.."

"I've got plenty of friends now!" Kate cut in, feeling the need to defend herself.

"Anyway." Jack continued. "Then there's you two.." His voice trailed off as he looked at Dom and Laura. "Why did you hang around with us..?"

"You broke my violin." Laura said defiantly.

"I did get you a better one." Jack shot back.

"No, Kenji got me a better one." Laura folded her arms. "You just gave it to me."

"Well. It's the thought that counts." Jack grinned. "And I did think about getting you one."

Laura wasn't very pleased with his answer. "I stayed because hanging out with Kenji and Kate is fun. And Dom sometimes. Not you."

"I'm sure you don't mean that." Jack went on. "Anyway..what was your story Dom?"

"How could you forget?" Dom complained. "You helped me with my school project. We built a powered kart."

"Ah yeah." The memories came back to Jack. "The Romanian Rocket."

"You chose the colour scheme for the kart just because you wanted to call it that." Kenji added and Jack grinned.

"Nothing wrong with the Romanian flag." He argued.

"It's a tad garish. But the fact you also actually worked on the kart was a problem." Kenji shot back. "If you went too fast, the brakes wouldn't work."

"Don't worry, I've fixed it now." Dom cut in. "There's a lever now. That switches it from slow to fast..even though you need to be pretty strong to handle it in fast mode.." Kate was staying quiet during this exchange because Josh and Amelia were looking at the group with interest and she felt they were judging them.

"Well." Said Josh eventually. "You lot seem to have a lot of fun."

"No point living if you can't have a bit of fun." Came Jack's reply.

"I can agree to that." Josh nodded. The group carried on until they had finished going round the set, then they walked into another tent, full of costumes from the film. Kate and Laura went straight for the dress from an important scene in the film where the two main characters had a dance.

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod." Kate was practically shaking with excitement. "What was it like to wear this?"

"It was fantastic." Amelia said, smiling as she went over to them. "The guys that made this put so much effort into it."

"And the dance?" Laura was eager to get some answers as well.

"Oh, that was really enjoyable." She said, thinking back. "We had to do it a few times but when we did one with no mistakes, it was great."

"A-And.." Kate looked like she had wanted to ask this question since they met her. "...t-the kiss..?"

"Ah." Amelia looked like she knew this question would come, but was still unsure about answering it. She glanced at Josh, who was over at the other side of the tent then at the two girls, eagerly waiting for her reply. She bit her lip then smiled and leant closer to them. "It was brilliant." She said in a lowered voice. "Because the film is so much like real life, you get so involved in your role that you sometimes forget that there's a camera on you. So it felt like a real, proper kiss even though our relationship is professional."

"Oh wow." Kate's eyes were shining. "I'm going to become a film star and find my perfect man."

"All right, dear." Replied Amelia with a chuckle. "But find a man you likes you for who you are, not because you are a famous film star." Meanwhile, Kenji was standing on his own, looking at some suits when Josh came over to him.

"Um..Hello, Kenji was it?" He said, standing beside him.

"That's correct." Kenji replied. "What can I do for you?"

"I..actually have something to ask you.." He seemed nervous or unsure about something.

"What is it?" Kenji turned to look at him.

"Well..I've been thinking about it for a while now..." He seemed to be putting off saying it. "And I'm too afraid to tell anyone I work with because there's a high chance that it will go public.."

"I see.." Kenji wondered what was so important that it couldn't be told to his work colleges.

"The reason is.." Josh sighed. "No..I can't keep stalling.." He lowered his voice and glanced around at Amelia, who was still with the girls and Jack and Dom who were looking at more props in another bit of the tent. "..I've been working with Amelia for a few films now and our roles have been pretty close..and I think we both feel the same way about each other..we spend a lot of time together off the film I'm thinking about proposing to her.."

"Oh, really?" Kenji kept his voice down as well.

"Yes.." Josh nodded. "I couldn't tell anyone else.."

"But you told me." Kenji was interested in the actor's decision.

"Well. Yes." He admitted. "But you seem like the most trustworthy in your group. I'm too afraid that the girls will give it away, since they were so excited about the film and Amelia and myself. And I'm just not sure about the other two. Your friend Jack seems a little too carefree to trust and I don't know how well The other one, Dominic is at keeping a secret. I don't mean to offend your group, of course."

"Don't worry." Kenji replied. "I completely understand. I promise not to tell anyone. But you said you had something to ask me."

"Yes. I wanted your opinion.." Josh didn't look at him. "Do you think I should propose..? I don't know how it will affect our work.."

"I think you should." Kenji replied. "If you think she does feel the same way then go for it. Surely if you are closer in real life then you will be able to play roles like that better in your films."

"You sure?" Josh was still unsure but Kenji nodded confidently. "I am. You two get on really well."

"Thanks Kenji." Josh smiled. "Thanks a lot."

"No problem. I hope it goes well." He replied.

"Eh, up. What's going on over here?" The unmistakable sound of Jack made them both turn around. He looked at them. "Why are you talking so much about a suit?"

"Because Jack." Kenji put on a tone like he was about to give a lecture to give himself a bit of time to recall as much information about the film that he had heard. "If you forgot, the main character has lived in care all of his life and wore a hospital gown. Even after his escape, he only had second-hand clothes. For him to wear a suit like this at that ball, it made him stand out as a member of society, it made him the most important person there."

"Hmm.." Jack frowned, trying to pick fault with his explanation. "Damn it. You listen too well."

"You should try it sometime." Kenji smiled slightly. "Comes in handy from time to time."

"Yeah yeah." Jack moved on with the conversation. "The suit makes me think of the prom. That'll be after exams. You going Kenji?"

"Might do." He replied. "Just to see you wearing a suit."

"Hey." Jack grinned and pointed at the suit on display. "I could pull that look off."

"Maybe." Kenji looked at his watch. "But we should be on our way."

"Unfortunately you are right." Josh said, checking the time as well. "But you've seen everything as far as I know." They met up with Amelia, the girls and Dom and headed for the exit.

"Thank you for all you've done today." Kenji said as the others looked a bit sad to leave.

"No, thank you." Josh said. "We thought that we'd be stuck with people talking about how much money they can make from us. It was great to talk to younger people who have love for the film."

"Will you do something like this again..?" Kate asked, hopefully.

"Maybe." Amelia replied. "I hope so..oh! That reminds me" She pulled out a pen from her pocket and snatched a leaflet from a table and scribbled on a blank page. She handed the leaflet to Kenji. "Here are our personal E-mail and phone numbers. We'll try and reply as soon as we can. You see, we have personal phones and business phones and we use the business ones a lot more. But we'll promise to reply to anything you send, I just can't promise when."

"Oh, thank you!" Kate started smiling again and grabbed the leaflet from Kenji.

"Well, we'll be going then." Kenji announced before Kate launched them into another conversation. "Take care. It was good meeting you."

"Same here." The two smiled and waved goodbye as the group headed out as the sun slowly set.

Chapter 4- Sinister happeningsEdit

Kate had never stopped talking about the event since they returned home. Within 5 minutes, there were pictures all over her social media pages and she had become a small celebrity at school, much to Amy's disgust. The others had got some attention as well but Kenji kept out of the way. He preferred to stay in the background. Amy turned her nose up and refused to acknowledge them. Photos of the actor and actresses had made all the local newspapers but no mention of the 5 of them. The attention was nice, but they agreed that it was better when normality returned the next day.

~Time skip~

One Wednesday lunchtime, Kenji joined Kate and Laura in the canteen, to find a small, nicely wrapped box sitting on the table.

"Is this yours?" He asked, examining it.

"No. It was left for you." Laura said, exchanging at glance with Kate.

"I made this for you myself. I hope you enjoy it." Kenji read the label and tried to remember if he'd seen that writing anywhere. "Well. I guess it wouldn't hurt to look."

Kate tried to hide the smile that slowly crept across her face as Kenji unwrapped the box. Inside was a selection of little snacks and sandwiches.

"Aw. How cute." Kate tried to say as sarcastically as possible. Kenji raised his eyebrows up at her. "Kenji's got an admirer."

"Yes well. I'm sure you saw who left this?" He inquired.

"No. We..uh..we went to get a drink." Laura fumbly searched for an excuse so Kenji wouldn't pry further. "It was here when we got back."

"...right." Kenji wasn't totally convinced but knew they wouldn't change their story no matter how much he asked. "I'll wait until the other two get here, then we can share it out."

"KENJI!" Laura and Kate both exclaimed in unison. "If a girl takes the time to make you a lunch then you eat it. Don't share it. She made it for you."

"Alright, alright." Kenji was taken aback by their sudden outburst. "I'll eat it now."

"Just how dense can you be." Kate sighed. "I don't know why this girl likes you..."

Kenji ignored the comment and picked up what looked like a chicken and mayonnaise sandwich. "She certainly put a lot of effort into this."

"So you better pay her back when you meet her." Kate said firmly.

"Yeah..I know" Kenji sighed as he took his first bite. Thinking again about who this secret admirer could be, he took a second bite. Then stopped. He tensed up, his eye twitching. He quickly stood up and, still with the sandwich in hand, walked quickly away. Laura and Kate watched him go with puzzlement.

"What's with him?" Laura asked and Kate shrugged.

Meanwhile, Kenji made it to the boy's toilets and rushed to the sink. Violently coughing, he brought up chunks of half eaten sandwich and a small puddle of blood. Then finally came a thin silver needle, resting in the sink. Breathing deeply, Kenji stared down at it. There was no doubt now who had left the lunch. He took a drink of water from the fountain and spat it into the sink. He did this a few more times until it wasn't stained red then finally swallowed some. Luckily no one had been in the toilets during this times so he had time to wash away everything and have a think. He opened the rest of the sandwich which was still in his hand. Another silver needle lay inside and he figured the same was true of all the other sandwiches in the box. He didn't want to tell anyone. That would mean either blaming the wrong person or eventually getting Emma which would lead to knowing that she is a thief. He didn't want to report her. Not yet anyway. He hadn't expected something like this.

"That girl is serious about revenge." He thought and made a note to be more careful without getting paranoid. Hopefully Kate and Laura would stop anyone eating the lunch. Wiping away the last few stains around his mouth, he left the toilets and returned to his friends. When he got back to the canteen, he saw Jack and Dom had joined the girls and Jack was waving one of the sandwiches just out of reach of an increasingly irritated Laura. Slightly concerned, Kenji quickened his pace until their voices could be heard.

"Come on." Jack was saying. "Just one. He won't even notice."

"Yes he will." Laura retorted. "And they aren't for you."

Before Jack could do anything else, Kenji smoothly swooped in and swiped the sandwich for his grasp and rested it back in the box.

"Now Jack." He said in his mock 'telling off' voice. "Those weren't lovingly made for you."

"Well you weren't around to eat them." Jack replied with a smile. "So I'd thought I'd help myself."

"Yeah, about that.." Laura looked at Kenji. "Why'd you run off like that?"

"Well. I guess this girl kindly tried to liven the mayo up with a bit of chilli." Kenji said off the top of his head. "But she overdid it a little on that one. It just took me by surprise."

"I didn't think anything took you by surprise." Jack pointed out.

"I never thought I'd be in this situation." Kenji admitted as he sat down. "They looked harmless enough and I couldn't spit it all over the table."

"Eat another one." Jack suggested. "I'm sure she didn't make the same mistake twice."

"I'm sure she didn't but I think I'll save them and eat some more at home." Kenji replied and closed the box and put it to one side.

"Ok..but make sure you eat the rest." Kate said giving him a serious look.

"Yeah, I will." Kenji nodded as he got out his own lunch. The conversation moved on to school life and news with Jack endlessly slipping in comments about this mystery girl. Lunchtime went by in a flash as did his final two lessons. With Jack at his part time job and Laura at her music club, the group disbanded for the day. Not wanting to walk home in the crowds, Kenji headed up to the roof where he could gather his thoughts. Looking out over the school grounds, he thought how to deal with the situation he had found himself in.

"Well. Fancy meeting you here." Came a familiar voice. Kenji turned around and sure enough, Emma was standing at the entrance, a smirk on her face.

"What a pleasant surprise." Kenji responded knowing full well that she has followed him up there. She went a sat on the bench. He stayed stood against the fence waiting to hear what she had to say.

"I heard you got a lunch from a girl." She said like she'd just remembered. "I'm jealous."

"Word certainly spreads fast these days.." Kenji commented. "Yes, I did. She certainly put a lot of thought into it."  

"I saw you leave the canteen in a hurry." Emma tried to steer the conversation where she wanted. "I hope you didn't eat something bad."

"Oh no." Kenji wasn't going to take her bait. "I'm actually quite fond of chicken and Mayo. Though I might have changed some of the ingredients. Add some salad and caesar dressing, take out the needles."

"But those give it the kick it needed." Emma was annoying at not getting the reaction that she wanted but covered it with a smile. She stood up. "Now you know what happens if you mess with me. It's only going to get worse from here."

"I'm not changing what I said before." Kenji looked back over the town. "If you want help, you can always come to me."

"Hmpt." Emma spun around and walked back inside. Kenji sighed. This was going to be troublesome.