Matsuhiro Yamato


Matsuhiro Yamato is a 15 year old Japanese soccer player. He grew up in Okinawa but moved to Tokyo when he was 8. He has been playing soccer since he was 3 years old and is regarded as a prodigy. His uncle Matsuhiro Masaru was a professional player and taught him about soccer from an early age but mysteriously went missing before Yamato's 8 birthday and hesn't been seen from since. Yamato is a Japan national junior player with his friends Taichi and Hikaru. He plays as a midfielder for Japan.Yamato is currently in a relationship with Xanthe.


Yamato is normally a calm person but can become angry if someone insults or anger his friends. Yamato is a friendly person and tries to be friends with anyone he meets. He is also willing to help anyone with any problems and protect anyone in danger.Yamato is known to be quite stubborn at times especially when it comes to training often wearing himself out.

Hobbies and interestsEdit

Apart from soccer Yamato has shown an interest in fishing,rock climbing and singing. However his main hobby is soccer and he isn't seen often pursuing any of his other hobbies like he does with soccer.


  • Matsuhiro Magoichi (Father)
  • Matsuhiro Zora (Mother)
  • Matsuhiro Anna (Sister)
  • Matsuhiro Masaru (Uncle)

Known HissatsuEdit

  • Forest Defence (Defence)
  • Leaf Whirlwind (Dribble)
  • Voltic Break (with Hikaru) (Shoot)
  • Corona Destroyer (with Taichi and Hikaru) (Shoot)

Keshin and Keshin HissatsuEdit

  • Forest King Shizen. Mori no Koi (Shoot)
  • Brave Warrior Alpha. Great Alpha Sword (Shoot)

Keshin FusionEdit

  • Heavenly King Omega (with Taichi and Hikaru)