Magoichi is a 12 year old boy who resides in Odaiba,Tokyo Bay. He currently lives with his parents and older sister in the Highton View Terrace building. When he was 8 years of age he witnessed the battle outside Highton View Terrace between Greymon and Parrotmon. Following these events he was selected to be one of the chosen children to save the digital world.

His current partner is Impmon.


Magoichi has blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a white top and white shorts. He carries a sky blue backpack on his shoulders.


He is often carefree and doesn't think too much regarding plans and often rushes into a fight without a proper battle plan. He can be quite stubborn at times and will often refuse to back down from a battle. He often can change a seemingly hopeless situation into victory through his attitude. 


  • He is noted to be a very strong climber and swimmer.
  • He holds a digivice to allow Impmon to digivolve to the champion level.
  • He also holds the crest of joy to allow Impmon to digivolve to the ultimate level.


  • Impmon. Magoichi first met Impmon as a Yaamon when he was transported to File Island with the rest of the chosen children. The two became fast friends due to their similar personalities. Impmon digivolved into Wizardmon to protect him from a Black Gear controlled Lynxmon.