Lyna is a 15-year-old girl who's mostly used in Demon RPs, but can also be used in Normal RPs.

Background (Demon RP's)Edit

Lyna's being sold as a slave from master to master. Her father, a rich man who was obsessed with money, sold her when she was a baby. She's been punished a lot of times because she didn't obey her masters, so she's covered with a lot of scars and bruises. Her last (real) master gave her an obey and said he would kill her if she didn't do it. She refused and ran away. She ran into Satan himself. She told him why she was running away and he promised to help her. Satan made a deal with Lyna's master; If she could make someone happy by serving him, she would be set free. But she had to obey him and not obey her real master or disobey the temporarily master, if she did, she would be sent back to her real master. Lyna didn't know anything about the deal, only that she would get a temporarily master., called Regret, a son of Satan himself.

(the only difference in Normal RP's is that she's a maid of a rich man and the deal with Satan never happened)


Lyna is a sweet, caring and friendly girl. She's very shy and will not say or do disrespectful things. She's also very polite. Once she disagrees about things or refuse to do it, she won't stay quiet, like she normally does. She truly cares about people who are close to her or the few friends, like Athelia, Regret and Victor, she has. She would sacrifice herself if it saves one of her friends or beloved ones. 

Appearance Edit

Lyna has long blond hair until her hips and shining blue eyes. Her skin is pale because she doesn't come much into the sunlight. Usually she has bruises all over her body and scars on her arms and back. She wear usually a slave costume or a maid uniform.



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