Luna is a 16-year-old princess who's used in Kingdom RPs.


Luna is the child of Faolan and Roxanne Landrieu. Her mother used to be the kindgom's princess. When she married the wolf Faolan, she got pregnant at the wedding night. She gave birth to twins; Connor and Luna. 

Roxanne's and Faolan's marriage was just before a war began in the kingdom. Sorcerers were aiming at the death of the royal family. Because of this threat, Roxanne and Faolan decided to hide one of their children, since only they, the palace's staff and some friends knew twins were born. The friend who informed them chose one child randomly and it happened to be Luna. Luna got brought to a shrine, where she grew up for 16 years. 

Because of that, Luna doesn't know anything about her brother or royal blood. She grew up as a normal child, even though she has been raised in a shrine. 

Now, at the age of 16, Luna's foster parents passed away, causing she's the only one to take care of the abandoned shrine. She barely goes into the town itself, only to the market to buy some food and the necessarily things. Luna has never met her twin brother or made any friends.

Luna 2
Because it's a big shrine, Luna mostly also cleans it at night. Some friends of Connor saw the light while she was cleaning and thought she was a ghost, they still thought that even after seeing her. They told Connor and went to the shrine to find out if Luna was indeed a ghost or not. 


Luna is a gentle, caring and happy young lady. She smiles a lot especially during the winter. She loves the white snow and wants to be outside in it as much as possible. She's quite enthousiast about a lot of things and likes a mystery once in a while. Luna is always nice to strangers and behaves politely to them. She can get less polite when people act weird or mean to her. 

Just like her father, Faolan, and brother, Connor, Luna can transform into a wolf. But since her mother is human, she can only turn into a wolf for a short period of time. The more she practices the changing, the longer she's able to stay like that. She doesn't have wolf ears and tail in her human form, but she does have some longer and sharper canines.



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