Lucretia is used in demon Rps.


Lucretia got kidnapped by Lucifer, an old demon lord and a fallen angel, to marry him in Hell. First Lucretia didn't love Lucifer at all, but that started to change. Her heart became darker and darker and her feelings became messed up until she fell in love with her kidnapper, Lucifer.

Lucretia used to be 15 when she got kidnapped. She has been a goth for some time, but turned back to normal just before she got taken to Hell. In one of the stories Lucretia became first a mistress of Lucifer until she fell love with him. But she got pregnant, which turns out to be not Lucifer's child, but of someone else. The child got hold back of growing by Lucifer's power. When she had to bring Satan a message from Lucifer, in a time or war in Hell, she got thrown in prison. Lucifer took her back right away though. And as revenge on Satan he made Satan's sons, Victor and Regret, their loved ones, Athelia and Lyna, disappear by 'killing' them.



Lucretia used to be a sweet, caring and shy girl, but a while after she got kidnapped to hell, she changed. She became colder and had only interest in Lucifer. 


Lucretia used to have blond hair, but it changed to white when she got kidnapped to hell. Her eyes are blue with a slightly green tint. 




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