This page is going to tell you what're the wikia's/chat's rules and their punishments. If you don't agreed with these rules or have an opinion or an idea, please talk to the founder of the wikia.


  • Be polite to everyone to create a peaceful environment. 
  • Don't mess with other people's characters, pages and/or fanfics.
  • Don't spam, troll, harass or keep caps lock on/hold shift.
  • Don't insult other users or curse towards another user. If you use (a) curse word(s), please censor it. (If the insult is part of the RP then it's allowed as long the other user(s) agreed to it.)
  • No fighting/arguing.
  • Do not use multiple accounts while on the wikia/chat.
  • Don't avoid any sort of ban. If you disagree with the ban, contact the founder, admin or mod in a message on his/her talkpage.
  • Be considerate when entering a chat while there's a RP going on. Talk between brackets and don't try to join the RP unless the other players agreed to it.

Rules for RPs

  • Both users must agree on the type of RP, cursing or not and some other important information.
  • No begging for RPs
  • No spamming


  • Any sort of vandalism will have 3 days to 1 week of ban with block. If it's a major vandalism, the user will receive a longer ban, depending on the majority of the vandalism.
  • Trolling and harassment will have 3 days of ban. If the user keeps trolling or harassing it will be one week of ban. If the user repeats, a month of Ban and if the user keeps misbehaving it will be blocked.
  • Spam or keeping caps lock on/holding shift, without stopping, will be a 3 days of ban.
  • If a fight is minor, both users will be banned for 2 hours so they can cool off. If it isn't minor, the one who started will be banned for 3 days.
  • Cursing towards a user, without stopping, will be a 3 day ban.
  • The abuse of multiple account will have one week of ban. If the user avoids that ban; It will be IP Blocked.
  • If a user avoids his/her bans, both accounts will be banned and the ban will be longer. If the user keeps avoiding his/her ban they will get its IP Blocked.
  • If a user disconnects and reconnects constantly on the chat, that person will be kicked from the chat, in case the disconnecting it occurring while they are not paying attention. If the problem keeps happening, a ban of an hour might be given, depending on the reason of the disconnecting and the amount of times it occurs.