FanFic started and made by me; In this story, our main character, Daniela, just had woken up from her coma. Which was cause by a car accident by an unknown cause as well. While in it, million of people died and so did her parents who saved her life. 3 months later, Daniela woke up because of a nightmare she had. Where nothing was around except the silence and death itself. After seeing the disgusting image of war, the cliff where Daniela stood on collapsed; making her to be badly wounded. But after regaining conscience, a something appeared before her, and "it" cut Daniela's throat with "its" scythe.

This led Daniela to wake up from her coma, and getting shocked because the same wounds from the nightmare she had, even the wound around her throat. After that, every dream Daniela has, will be the same; Daniela is fated to have every single dream of those who were victims of the same accident she was into. And any dream she fails, more wounds will show up and any she succeeded, her wounds heal and disappear.

Daniela meets a lot of people, a lot of allies and enemies, she finally found out a way to succeed her mission during her sleep. She will just need to be careful because danger always lurks whenever she less expects.

Chapter Tittle
Chapter 1 The Unknown
Chapter 2 The Silent Shout
Chapter 3 The Princess-less Kingdom
Chapter 4 The Stranger
Chapter 5 Crying Skies
Chapter 6 Love desperation
Chapter 7 The dreamful
Chapter 8 The Comeback

This segment is currently on hold. No imagination or sorts of inspiration have appeared. So yeah, like it matters anyway...