"It'll only cause trouble if I was I'll avoid meeting people.."

Kurai is a 17 year old boy who gained his superpowers through secret testing. This resulted in black wings growing from his back and him having the power to control the weather and is now faster than a normal person. He has kept his secret away from almost everyone and intends to keep it that way. He never really talks to normal people and some people don't think he exists at all as the only pictures of him are blurry and unfocused.


Kurai is very quiet and hates attention. When helping someone, he would prefer if they didn't know he was there (he does this by controlling the weather, covering the area with fog etc). He uses his speed to quickly defeat enemies or uses his powers to knock them out from a distance. He hides in the shadows or high up during the day and is most active at night. He spends most of the day in university to avoid being seen by anyone chasing him. He is able is fold his wings away to hide them. He believe he cannot have a normal life now so does this as more of a distraction than anything because he doesn't know what to do with his life. He is able to retract his wings into his back but it puts a tremendous strain on him so can't do it indefinitely which dissuades him even more from the thought of trying to live normally.