Kowareta Shirou was a part of the rebellion of the war in 2021, he is the older brother of Kowareta Sana.

He has been killed by the Second Stage when he undid his dutie to guard the others in the community hall and started looking for his mothers house to find his sister.


He has light, grey hair and blue-grey eyes.

He's a bit taller than Chichan and is more grown-up.


He's a caring boy from 15 who took care of his sister since his father asked him to.

He's very nice to anybody, polite when needed but quiet when he got broken.

When his sister got captured and was taken to his mother, he was very broken,

he stayed quiet all day and lied in bed crying.

When he finally came out of that fase it made his end.


Shirou is born in Toyoma and lives with his sister and parents.

A while ago his mother became mayor-tator and his father sugested him to escape with his sister.

Shirou fled with Sana and heard his mother kill his father.

Shirou joined the rebellion, but short after it, in the new hideout, his sister got captured.

He was broken and only layed down and cried and bailed all day becauseof his failement to his father.

When he accepted it that his mother got his sister he joined the group to get information in the community hall.

He was standing as guard together with Soyashi and told her he is going inside.

He secretly looked for his mother's adress but got shot down by a guard who saw him doing that.

Saru and Taylor found him dead.


Shirou was good at looking for food.

He also had an eye for directions, even tough he almost went to the factory.


Mother - mayor-tator from Toyoma

Father - killed by his mother

Sana - sister

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