Sana is a young sister of Kowareta Shirou.

She is 2 years old, and is protected by her brother.

She got captured by the Second Stage and was taken to her mother right away.


She has short, white hair, in a pony tail.

She got dark blue-grey eyes and is very short, not strange, because she is 2 years old.


She has quite a sweet character, but that's also because she's a baby.

She cares about everything she sees, and doesn't understand the war.

When her mother captured her, she forgot about the brother she had, and only remembered her mother.

When she rejoined the group she wasn't able to do anything, but her cuteness was amusing for moments.


Her brother escaped with her from Takaoka to Toyoma, but got lost in the forest.

Her mother killed her father because they had different ideas.

She stayed in the secret hideouts but didn't do anything.

When she got captured, her brother tried to find information about their mother's house.

Shirou got shot down by guards, but she never understood.

She forgot about him very fast, because she is to young to remember.


She is able to make people happy.


Unknown mother ~ mayor-tator

Unknown father  ~ killed by mother

Shirou ~ killed by guard