Kou is a fictional character based on the anime Avatar.

Kou is an earthbender originating from Ba Sing Se. She became a runaway at the age of 13. She is 16 and is quite experienced in Martial Arts.


Pre RunawayEdit

Not much is known before Kou ran away from home. Kou stated she ran away due to the "pressure" her parents had placed her in. The only thing known about her before she ran away was that she took earthbending lessons, much to her parents dismay.

The Legend of KorraEdit

Kou, after abandoning her family and home, Had gone in hiding from society. She spent the next 3 years without any communication with her parents. Now, in Republic City, Kou has made a notorious reputation for herself, constantly picking fights and stealing. However, she has come across a boy named Kasai, and now helps him as he helps her in hope for their chances of survival improve.


Kou has a outspoken and slight straight forward personality. She takes joy in fighting, yet knows better than to hurt an innocent. She also has an interesting mix of being laidback and witty.

She also has a short temper and arrogance regarding about her skills in battle. This is often said as the reason for her laid back personality.


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