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Haruna is a 15-year-old girl who lives on the streets. 


Haruna has had a hard life. Her parents kept saying she was an accident and ever since she could talk she had to take care of herself. Her parents only did a few things for her until she was able to do it herself. She had to wear old clothes and was an outsider at school. After eight years Haruna got a little sister. She heard her parents saying her little sister was also an accident, but ever since she was born Haruna's parents took good care of Haruna's sister. Haruna was even more forgotten by her parents than before. Once Haruna took a knife and held it again her throat, in the hope her parents would care now. But all they said was that she had to do that somewhere else, because she'll only scare Erisa, Haruna's little sister. Haruna had enough of it and ran away from home. This was at the age of 14, a month before she turned 15. When Haruna just lived on the streets she met a boy, Hitomi, who was being picked on by bullies. She decided to help him and after that they became friends. Hitomi calls her 'onee-chan' (sister). But there was one problem: money. Haruna never got much money from her parents, so she doesn't have much. In order to get food and clean water, she needs money. So Haruna has to do something she doesn't want once in a while: she sells her body, for, like, once a month. 


Haruna is a fairly timid person; only when she feels at her ease she tells about herself. She cares a lot about others and doesn't want people—like John Thompsonto do things they'll regret later. 



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