Katsutaka Ryuuhei
Katsutaka Ryuuhei
First Name Ryuuhei
Second Name
Surname Katsutaka
Nickname Grisly Reaper
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age 17
Date of Birth September 13th 1996
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Species Human
Status Alive
Personal Information
Occupation Martial Artist
Family Katsutaka Family
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Partner None
Residence Osaka, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Abilities/Powers Karate (Blackbelt)
Weapon Sword


Anime The Idolm@ster
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Katsutaka Ryuuhei is a 17 year old karate blackbelt competing in the the All-National Junior Karate Championship. He is the one who destroyed Noboyuki's life when he was 13.

"I don't need any help this time. I'll kill you with my own hands and savour every moment of it! Keheheh."

Background and PersonalityEdit

Ryuuhei is the eldest son of the head of the Katsutaka family, a national known crime family. Despite all of their many crimes they have alluded the law for many years. From an early age Ryuuhei has practiced karate and fighting but only as a means to injure and intimidate people.

At the age of 13 he was set to fight Katsuya Noboyuki but knew that he would be unable to defeat him so he had his family organize Noboyuki to be assassinated so he would win by default. After this he dominated the Japan Junior Karate championships for the next 5 years not losing a single match.

Ryuuhei is cold, sadistic and all around cruel. He only thinks about hurting his opponents when he fights. Currently Ryuuhei wants to fight Noboyuki and kill him but on his own terms to prove that he is the strongest fighter.

Figthing StyleEdit

Ryuuhei is absolutely merciless in his fights. He enjoys seeing his opponents in pain. He especially loves to see the fear build in his opponents eyes when he fights them. His nickname Grisly Reaper comes from the fact that 9 different fighters have been forced to retire from fighting after him.

His main special move is the Bloody Scythe, an elbow lock move that blocks and traps an opponents punch or kick and leaves them completely wide open for attack. The bloody part of the name comes from the splash of blood that erupts from the opponent after the attack. Ryuuhei has an incredibly long reach with both his kicks and punches and is able to put a lot of power into both of them, something which intimidates his opponents greatly.

While he has massive amounts of power,stamina and fighting technique he isn't able to take hits very well and sometimes shows fear to opponents who can land blows on him. However this fear usually leads to him brutally injure his opponents.

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