Kaido Misaki

Misaki is a 15-year-old girl who's used in Huntik RPs.


Misaki grew up with her parents and older brother, which she forgot about. Misaki was five years old when her parents suddenly disappeared. She and her brother got separated. Misaki got under the care of the Huntik foundation because she showed to have powers. Her first titan is Icarus. She found him at the age of seven in her old house and didn't know it was the amulet of a titan. She put the amulet in a bracelet. One time she got in danger and that was the moment she bonded with Icarus. He saved her and after that she understood her life: the strange things that were going on, the power she sometimes feels and a lot more. 


Misaki's bracelet with Icarus's amulet

Later Misaki found out why her parents disappeared or why they kept moving to other cities and even other countries sometimes. Her parents were both seekers; the reason they traveled around was because of long missions in that part. And also as protection of Misaki and her brother, called Tatsuya. 


Misaki is a quiet and a bit of a cold girl. She used to do everything on her own, especially missions. Misaki is always making preparations for her missions, like reading about the country or the myths, so she can't stand it if things get changed just before they leave.

Because Misaki's missions are always in another country, Misaki has been in quite a lot of countries and has seen quite a lot of the world and its beauty. She still is amazed by all the beauty she gets to see on her missions, but never shows what's going on inside of her mind then. 


Misaki has dark purple hair and purple eyes. She usually wears a shirt with a blouse over it and shorts in the spring and autumn. On missions she always wears a T-shirt with short sleaves and again a shorts. Around her left arm she has a bracelet with an amulet on it.



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