Kai is a character based on the Pokémon anime.

"My Pokémon are my family..I won't force them to fight.."

Kai's Scyther

Kai's Scyther


Kai's Turtwig


Kai is a Pokémon trainer who has only just started exploring and catching Pokémon. He only has his starter 'Turtwig' (which he never puts back into the Pokéball). He is a tall quiet boy who likes to draw and make friends with his Pokémon. He treats his Pokémon like family and will defend them with his own body if necessary. He mostly lives alone because his mum researches Pokémon in another region and his dad is always challenging gyms and tournaments to become the strongest trainer in the world. Kai's goal is to meet as many Pokémon as he can. His father always pushed him to fight with his Pokémon but Kai never wanted to. He likes to draw and sit with Turtwig, who relaxes a lot. He prefers to be alone but will help other people. After he helps someone, he will usually go off and leaves them. He thinks others will get in his way and doesn't want to depend on them. He never really socialised as a child since he was always helping his parents. He wants to be very independent and get on with his Pokemon but he doesn't rely on them. If they are scared of something, he will take care of it himself. He thinks that they'll be times when his Pokémon can't help him so he needs to be able to handle things himself.


When he was younger, Kai helped his mum research Pokémon and helped his dad train. However, he always felt that his dad took training too seriously and his mum was always too busy with research. He took to drawing which took up his free time but he enjoyed it. It helped as a destraction from his Pokémon obsessed parents. He also found the Pokémon always disliked him when he battled with them so he distanced himself from them until he finally decided to start a journey with one. But when he was younger he found a Dratini in a cave and that Dratini didn't attack or run from him so he caught it and became quite attached to it. Now he has started his journey with his Pokémon and is actually starting to enjoy himself now that he's on his own with Pokémon he can trust.

Pokemon Edit

  • Turtwig
  • Scyther
  • Dragonite
Age 16
Relatives Mum, Dad
Friends Juan, Avril
Pokémon Turtwig, Scyther