Julliette is a girl from Bordeaux, France. She's a shy and friendly girl. Juliette also has a brother, Matteo. He's very protective towards her. He forbids her to go out with boys and always looks over her. She always has to tell him where she's going or where she was.


Juliette lives in Bordeaux with her brother and her mother. Her father left her mother when she was pregnant of Juliette, which is against the tradition of her family. So Juliette never met her father.

Juliette's mother has been sick for already a few years, so Juliette helps her mother at home after school. Juliette never hangs around with her friends and she almost loses them because of that. Also Juliette has not much free time because she's helping in the house while her brother Matteo goes playing soccer with his friends and goes out. She feels pretty alone because of that, until she met Hikaru. She fell in love with him right away.


Juliette looks like a young girl, with dark hair and light blue eyes. She wears most of the time a colored t-shirt with stripes and a skinny jeans or a skirt. She also wears a scarf or some other accessories.



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