This page is for everyone who is just getting started with roleplaying (RPing). 

How to start?

There are several of things you need before starting a RP, starting with a partner. Ask another user in the chat if he or she would like to RP, or ask more than one person for a group RP. After you both (/all) agree to RP, you'll need a character and a type of RP. For a beginners, I would recommend choosing to play a Normal RP (A RP that's based on the normal life). From there you can start playing more and more types. After you decided the type, you can start with your character. 

For your character:

You can start by picking the looks, country, or name. First start with the basic and most important things, such as name, country and age. Then the personalities, looks and background. Once you've thought of everything you need, you can make a page about your character if you want to do so. To make the appearances even clearer, you can search for or create a picture for your character. On the page you can add all the information you gathered. After this you can enjoy your RP and start even more! 

Try not to play a lot at once in the start or when you're also doing other stuff, as it'll only make you stressed or make the others wait.


Of course you need to know how to play a RP. Here are the punctuation you'll need;

"..." or nothing for talking

'...' for thinking (follows after the action; *thinks: '...'* )

*...* for actions, like walking, sleeping, etc.

(....) for talking outside of the RP.

~...~ for things like time skips, starting, pauses or continuing.

Name of your character: for expressing who your character is and to show which of your characters you're using in case you've got multiple characters in the RP.

for example;


Alice: *Walks through the park while thinking: 'Man.. this is boring!'* (Say, can my character bump into yours?)


Of course you know how to RP now, but there are a few requests:

1. Talk between ( ) once it's no part of the RP, or if it's an idea.

2. Capitalize the first letter of names.

3. Both agree to what kind of RP, whether you can curse (without censoring) or not and some other details. 

4. Don't go begging other people to RP, it'll only annoy them.