Helios is A Former Battle Angel. He Is Sixteen Years Old. He Carries the name of the old greek god helios.


Helios Was An Angel At First, He Was Really Powerfull, Until The Day When He Was Accused to Mortally Injure Ares. When Zeus came to know about this, he ripped his wing off, caught his throat and threw him all the way from heaven to the ground below on Earth. Being An Angel he was not that injured due to the barrier he put himself at the last moment but still suffered a lot of damage.

He Now Roams earth waiting to grow back his wings and fly back to heaven to Get His Revenge On The Gods. He Sometimes Loses control of himself and his body forces him to turn to his True form


Helios Is Calm And Is ColdHe Is Somewhat Arragont and does not like hanging out with anyone. Before being thrown from heaven, He Was a natural Leader and was cool and was more nicer.


He Has White And somewhat Long Hair, Grey Eyes and Pale Skin. He Normally Wears A Shirt with trousers covered by a coat with a Hood.He Uses a Gun when not in his true form, But when in his true form he summons weapons according to his choice.


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