Fukuro Nochan is the 21 years old brother of Fukuro Chichan.

Nogashita Mindiou and Chichan often call him Brochan

He's captured by the Second Stage because he's part of the rebellion in the war of 2021.


Nochan is a tall adolecent, with messy brown hair just like his brother and blue eyes.


He's a caring person since he cared for Chichan at the age of 13.

He has always been very sweet to Chichan, he gave him all the attention he needed, and yet, survived any trouble from caring his brother at young age.

He is the one who is responsible for Chichan, which caused him to get captured by the Second Stage.


His parents died when he was 13 years old.

He used his parents money and kept on going to school.

When he was 15 he took a job and saved the money from his parents.

He met Murasaki Huyuma when he got 18 and she loved him in the same way.

Both of them didn't agree with the Second Stage rules and their houses got banished.

They escaped and became the rebellion group, which also caused them get captured.


He is very handy with technique, since he can fix anything, he also built the secret hideout in the trees.


Unknown mother - deceased

Unknown father - deceased

Fukuro Chichan - younger brother