Fukuro Chichan is a 15 years old boy who is a member of the rebellion in the war of 2021 in Japan.

He has special feelings for Yumi Soyashi.


Chichan is the normal length for a teenager and has got brown, messy hair.

He also has deep green eyes and mostly (coincidentally) wears blue clothes.


Chichan can always laugh with Mindiou when that's possible and is polite when that's necesary.

He's a sweet person and knows how to cheer the group and his friends up when they got a loss.

He's a good leader, though Asteria took that role, as his decision,

with Taylor as second leader.


Chichan's parents died in a car accident when he was seven years old.

Since then, his brother Nochan took care of him.

He met Mindiou in elementary school and they became best friends.

He moved with his brother to an appartement in the same village, so he is still able to see Mindiou.

They got a new classmate: Anima Videns and discovered her story.

When the village got the Mayor-tator, they refused to live with the Second Stage rules,

which made them demolish their house.

Chichan, Nochan and Boldory escaped safely.

He argued with a guard from the community hall, which made him go to jail.

Mindiou and Soyashi rescued him and Anima succesfully and became a rebellion, together with Nochan, Huyuma, Asteria, Taylor, Yajirushi, FioraJuro, Shirou, Saru and Ayase.

They made a ideout in the forest and collected stuff and persons to help.

When the group went out to the community hall, his brother, Huyuma, Boldory and Yajirushi were gone.

The group later went to Toyoma, where they found two men arguing with two SS men.

When Saru screamed that everyone should hide, he hide with Mindiou behind a car.

After Saru shot the gun out of Anima's hands after she grabbed it out of his hands, Chichan caught it and gave it to Mindiou, and ordered him to run away.

After arriving to the hotel safely, he brought Boldory to the special animal part.


Chichan has the ability to be charismatical, people like to listen to him and mostly do what he says, probably because he's sensible.


Unknown mother - deceased

Unknown father - deceased

Fukuro Nochan - older brother