Eric is used in Normal Role-play's.


Eric and his twin sister, Elena, were born in France, but their family moved to Tokyo soon afterwards. Their parents were strict, often placing the two in expensive lessons. Because of the wealth the family has, the two were sent to a private school. This changed the two children who were held for ransom by a group of mobsters by the age of ten. Although they were released unharmed, Eric's father and mother were kidnapped in exchange and they were both killed. Because Eric has no nearby relatives (besides his sister), the family wealth was passed onto him.


Eric is a kind and friendly boy. He cares deeply for the people he loves, and will go through anything to save them when in danger. He's usually well mannered and is a very outgoing kind of person.


Eric has dark brown hair that reaches his neck and is slightly curly, usually having a fringe ending right besides the eyes. He has red crimson eyes and slight pale skin. Eric has fair height and is thin.

Eric is seen in numerous outfits, but he is usually seen in a black shirt under a grey jacket, blue denim pants and brown shoes. He also wears glasses most of the time.


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