First appearance Not Yet
Created by ~:Len Kagamine:~
Role Keyblade Wielder
Heartless/Nobody form Nobody
Full Name Eliza Greenwood
Nickname/s Eli
Age 5 Months (Chronologically)

16 Years old (Physically)

Birthplace Twilight Town
Home World Twilight Town
Relatives None
Other Residences

Eliza Greenwood (イライザ Iraiza) or more known as Eli (イーライ Īrai) is a Keyblade Wielder and Nobody who lives in Twilight town. Although a Nobody, she acts as a real person, one with a heart (This is probably due to the fact that she herself does not know she is a Nobody).


Not much is known about her, besides she is a Keyblade wielder and Nobody. Though she never did joined Organization XIII, they had kept an eye on her.But never did recruited her. The reason for this is unknown.


She has an up-beat attitude with a kind and cheerful persona to go with it as well. She's brave ad never backs down. A bit of mischievous, but not naughty. She loves making friends and is never shy to make one.



Eliza gained to wield the Keyblade by the moment of her creation. Self-trained since young, she is extremly gifted in Keyblade combat. Though, she still has far to go.

Although unknown to her, her Keyblade seems to be made out of Nobodies. From creation, it was simply created by Eliza's will to wield a Keyblade.

Her fighting style seems to be quick, long-ground combo styles.


If there was one thing that had to be Eliza's weakness, it has to be Magic. Not very skilled or calmed with it, she barely uses it. Nor does she likes to use it. She uses it very rarely and poorly.


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