Elaina 3

Elaina is a 15-year-old girl. She's the daughter of the nymph Amphitrite


Elaina was born and raised on the Olympus. For over 14 years she has lived there, until she suddenly got banned. There were rumors about her, rumors that said she was a witch and would bring disaster over Olympus and the world. For a long time the gods and goddesses on the Olympus didn't believe the rumor, but the rumors were still spread. Many other gods said she had to leave, because there indeed came disaster over the Olympus. And so it was, Elaina got banned from the Olympus, separated from her mother and the man who possibly is her father, Poseidon. Elaina's mother told her to stay close to water, so they could still communicate sometimes.

Elaina grew up on the Olympus, between all the gods. Only when she was send to earth, she couldn't see anything anymore since all the light and colors were messed up. She can only see underwater and on mythical places. 


Elaina is a silent and shy girl. She doesn't talk much but is a good listener. To many people she seems like an odd girl who's a lot in thoughts and in her own world with her mind. There are also a lot of people who think she's helpless because she's blind, but she's not helpless. Her other senses are stronger, like her feeling and hearing. 



Elaina's got long white hair and bright blue eyes, where the pupils are almost the same color as her irises, so you can barely see them. 

Elaina is a nymph, just like her mother. Once she turns into her real form, her hair is different and has a blue glow. Her eyes are shining and she wears a white dress.


- Elaina can see and breathe underwater, causing her to be able to stay there for hours. 

- Elaina can let fog appear by singing. She does control it, so not every time she sings fog appears.

- Elaina can hear and feel things from other worlds when she focuses or in her dreams. 



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