Darren is used in Superhero RPs.

Darren is a 16-year-old boy from England.


Darren lived in Birmingham but soon moved to Bristol. His father worked as a forensic scientist for the CSI while his mother worked as a nurse in the local hospital. Because of his parents busy jobs, he usually stayed over at his nearby cousin's house. Although he stopped visiting after the death of his cousin's mother's death. He started to stay at home alone for most of the time.


Darren is an intelligent and serious boy, who is also slightly jaded. He seldomly talks to people, so he doesn't have that many friends. Underneath this, however, he is a caring and considerate person. Darren is also a lone-wolf, having little to no experience with social skills, he isn't normal around people.


Darren has shoulder-length light blonde hair and his eyes are dark blue. His skin has a slightly pale skin tone. He wears numerous outfits, but the most frequently seen one is a black sweater underneath a green shirt with a white collar, brown pants and red shoes.


Darren has 3 powers. His first power is the ability to create and control fire. Because of this ability, he can withstand extreme heat.

The second power is the ability of flight. At first, he could not control the extreme maneuver, but after awhile he started to get the hang of it.

The last and third power is heat vision. Although this power has limited time of use. If Darren decides to use it for a longer time, he risks the chances of blinding his eyes.

All of his powers were obtained after a freak accident one day while he was helping his father with his work. He was asked due to his experience with chemistry.


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