"I won't fight long as you're a friend."

Danny is a brown haired man and is friends with Tyler, Diana, and is the husband of Emeril. He used to bully Diana but eventually became a friend.


Danny is a confident boy who usually says what he means and isn't afraid of doing much. He is quite educated and has finished school. He will only do something is he feels it is right. It has been a long held dream of his to join the army. He didn't do so well at school and wanted to do something for his country.


Danny was a bully when he was younger and (with some friends) hurt a few people at school. He was also a pervert and picked on girls a lot (like Diana) even though he often got hurt by her. He took drugs and wasn't a nice person. Danny lived with his parents who had a lot of parties and drank a lot. When he met Tyler he used him as a reason to annoy Diana but they stood up to him. When he found out that Diana was leaving for a few years, he got dragged into apologizing and started to become friendlier with them. He also found out that Emeril had liked him in school and started to like her as well. They began a relationship and when Danny argued with his parents he was thrown out of his house, Emeril invited him to stay in an apartment with her. So now he is living with her and they are starting to think about starting a family together, at the age of 21. Unfortunately, before that time, Danny and Emeril had a fall out when Emeril was attacked at her workplace. Danny came near to killing himself but they manage to pull their friendship back together. But then Danny found out that Emeril had gotten pregnant like a month ago by accident and 8 months later, the baby boy was born. But Emeril fell into a coma shortly after the birth and Danny is worried about how he will cope with his new child. However, after a few weeks, Emeril woke up and now the family is complete again and Danny (with Diana and Tyler's help) managed to keep Xavier, the child, healthy. Now that Xavier is doing well, Danny's thoughts are turned to marriage. With some encouragement, Danny proposed to Emeril on a beach at sunset and she said yes. One night before the wedding, Danny had a bachelor party but was unsure of the future. Now that he and Emeril are married they can settle down and watch Xavier grow up.