Daisy is a 15/16-year-old girl used in Superhero RPs. She's born on April 18th.


Daisy used to live a normal and happy live with her parents in England, until Daisy went out into the town all by herself at the age of 12. She went out because she didn't know what to do, so she decided to take a walk. But her walk took her futher than expected and she ended up in an old, abandoned factory. Driven by curiousity, she went inside. She climbed up the stairs and looked out over the factory. Daisy decided to make it her own playground and started running over the gratings. Unfortunatly, she didn't see that one part was weak and she fell right through it. She fell into a weird substance and felt her skin burning, especially on the place of her wound, which she got when she fell. When she climbed out of the substance and got back on the ground, she saw a "radioactive" sign on the barrel she just fell in. Shocked and afraid, she returned home and went to the hospital right away. She got washed thoroughly there, but the substance was already in her body. The doctors said they couldn't do anything anymore to help her. 

Daisy unconscious

Daisy, unconscious

A few months, when Daisy was in a bad mood due to some weird feelings, she ended up in a fight with her parents. The whole house started to shake as her anger towards them became more and more. Eventually she noticed what was going on and had a weird feeling in her body. The shaking slowly stopped, but it was already too late. Their house was falling apart. Daisy's parents tried to make a way free to escape, but it was weak and the house was in a really bad state. Daisy's father pushed Daisy out of the house, just before it completely collapsed. Daisy turned around quickly and just to see her parents' soft smiles before the rocks closed them in and killed them before Daisy's eyes. Later on she discovered it was her that made the shaking of the ground around them.


Daisy is a friendly and shy girl who tries to help people as much as she can. She's also very sensitve, especially when it comes from people she trusts. She barely has anger issues, but when she does, it's pretty bad and you'd better want to be away from her for the next few hours.



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