Chrysanthe is the 15-year-old daughter of the goddess Aphrodite who's imprisoned in a labyrinth


Chrysanthe was born in heaven, but at the age of seven she got captured. Since then she was monitored by the Chimera, an awful creature made of three animals: the head and body of a lion with the head of a goat on its back and a serpent as tail. Chrysanthe has seen a lot in the time she was captured. Things like humans and animals being ripped into pieces by the Chimera. Many times has she gotten bitten or scratched when she tried to escape, causing her to be even more afraid. After 8 years, she's still captured and no one can save her because the Chimera ripped them all into pieces or poisoned them. Chrysanthe's already started to give up hope of being saved.


Chrysanthe used to be a happy girl and she always loved to be surrounded by flowers. But now, after 8 years, she's only scared and lost. She forgot about the happy things in her life and she's only surrounded by darkness, pain and the sound of screams. She only knows how it is to fear and being desperate. 


Chrysanthe has long brown hair and green eyes. Her skin is sensitive and white because she hasn't seen much sunlight for over 8 years. Only through a little window high above her reach there was some light. She has a lot of wounds and scars and also a few burns, because the Chimera can also spit fire. 



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