Christopher Boz Trish Waterson that's my full name! IT'S A BORING NAME!


He is very talkative and bossy. He has no friends since he is super bossy and almost helps people in Goncon and Reconshi. He seems to call himself the love doctor of love! He likes girls with his favourite C's, Cute, Confident and Cool but all he finds is Boring, Dumb and Lazy.

About ChrisEdit

Chris was lives in his fathers kingdom. He was so rich they even had a hospital if they had a baby.He is 18 and is the Prince of Goncon and is one of the Gatekeepers. He likes Fries and Soda's. He hates Sushi and Fanta. He is a gatekeeper of Goncon and the leader of the gatekeepers. He has a orange and a dark brownish hair.He always wear a short bee jacket with a light green shirt.He mainly likes his white scarf on his neck.His skin is more of a darkish lightish brown. He is captain and is a forwards.


He was born in Japan, but went to Italy in Europe

His surname means the son of water.

His middle name was Epsilon the greek letter for E.

He seems to be a Earth type even thought his surname is Waterson.