Saru is the plan master of the rebellion of the war in 2021.

He makes the most and best plans to make the group succeed while he's only 16 years old.


He has white hair with goggles in it, he only uses it when he's hacking,

because he's able to read better in dark with it.

He has dark-grey eyes and is a bit taller than Chichan .


He is very reckless when he goes on his own plans.

He only cares about winning the war and while he's busy working out plans,

he's busy bullying the guards and other Second Stage people.

He's very brave, he's not affraid of anything, yet.


Saru is from Toyoma and never had any friends.

He used to live with his parents untill they died because of the war.

He went to his grandparents who took good care of him.

He wanted to win the war for his family, which is why he started to help the group.

He has made the plan to steal information from the Second Stage community hall in Takaoka.

He stole a gun from a guard by slamming him away.

Kowareta Shirou is the only one who didn't do his duty on this plan.

He looked for information about his mother's address, when a guard killed him.

Saru and Taylor Jefferson found him dead.

After finding information at Ayase's house, when he took care of Boldory,

he and the group went to Toyoma, where they saw two men and two SS men arguing.

When the men started shooting Saru screamed everyone should hide and shot the 4 men,

killing the two SS men and only hurting the other two.

When he stole the guns, Anima wanted a gun of him.

He did  not give one, making her grab one out of his hands.

He shot the gun out of her hand, with Chichan catching it,  giving it to Mindiou and make him run (to the toilet).

Anima got mad and left the group, without anyone knowing why.


He's great at making plans.

He's a great fighter.

He's great at shooting.


Unknown mother ~ died

Unknown father ~ died



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