Catherine (edited)
Catherine is a 14 year old half Japanese, half Scottish soccer player from Hokkaido.


When she was younger she lived with her mother in Spring and Summer in Scotland and lived with her father in Autumn and Winter in Hokkaido. However on her tenth birthday her two older brothers were killed by being shot and left her with a scar on her left arm from one of the bullets. After that she moved to Tokyo to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins, while her father move to England.


Catherine is about normal height and is a bit thin, she has Aqua blue eyes and long green hair that reaches just past her waist, when she trains or plays a match she normally ties her hair into a long pony tail.


She is a very kind, caring girl, willing to do anything to help her friends and family no matter what the risks are. She is also a soccer freak and will do anything to make sure she can play. She has health problems that will only get worse if she keeps playing soccer, she know this but continue to play saying "I would rather die than to be told I can never play soccer again."


Catherine has lots of different hobbies; singing, dancing, baking, ice skating, snowboarding, swimming, surfing and other sports.


Richard Johnson (father)

Marie Johnson (mother)

Oilver Johnson (older brother- deceased)

James Johnson (older brother- deceased)

Francesco Johnson (younger cousin)

Charles Johnson (older cousin)

David Johnson (uncle)

Amy Johnson (aunt)


Illusion Shot (Shot)

Dome Block (Block)

Jumping Faker (Dribble)

Back Tornado (Shot)


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