Bruno Genica is a college professor on the border of San Francisco. He specialises in English Literature and has a good eye for poetry.

He treats his students with a great deal of respect and his happy to help others. He uses a low key form of teaching and urges his pupils to be independent learners. His lessons however are very enjoyable and makes every subject seem interesting.

His other interests include playing adventure games and playing cards.


He is quite a well suited man who always wears a striped tie and a suit. His hair is always kept combed in order to maintain a good appearance.

When at home, he lounges around in a shirt and jeans in order to relax his mind. He also wears slippers.


On the outside, he appears quite firm and hard going on other people; but on the inside, he cares for everyone's well being. He doesn't show his soft side though as he wants to act masculine and tough on other people.


Bruno Genica
Age 28
Occupation(s) College Professor
Friends Other college professors, and his pupils
Enemies People who think learning is a waste of time


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