Boldory is the dog of Fukuro Chichan and Fukuro Nochan.


Boldory is from the dog shelter in Takaoka.

Nochan and Chichan got him when he was 1 year old, he made it to the 4 years now.

After the bombardement on his former house, he was able to find his owner back; Chichan.

He warned when unknown people passed by and fond stuff by using his nose.

After arriving at the hotel in Toyoma, he was putted in the special animal area.


He has the ability to find Chichan back, due the fact that he survived the bombardement of the war from 2021 to find his owner.

He barks when unknown people pass by, so he could be used as a guard.

He can find stuff back by using his nose.


Unknown mother

Unknown father

Fukuro Chichan - main owner

Fukuro Nochan - secundaire owner