Midori Azuna

Midori is a 15-year-old student. She is used in normal RPs most of the time.


Midori has been living with only her father. Her mother moved to the USA when she and Midori's father broke up. Midori's father is a busy business man and usually works. Midori has got to do everything at home. Her father usually works in the middle of the night because he does a lot of business abroad, especially in Europe. He sleeps in the afternoon, around the time Midori comes home, so she has to stay quiet, even with all the household, in order to not wake him up.  

Midori got in a coma several of years ago. She doesn't remember anything of what happened before it, but she had to stay in the hospital for a while until she had fully recovered. Her father didn't want to tell what happened and she couldn't ask about it either. She was all alone in her room most of the time, making her hate hospitals. Another reason that she hates hospitals is because her best friend died there because the doctors gave the wrong medicine. 



Midori is a sweet, caring girl. She's also a really sporty type. She knows how to fight and doesn't walk away from any challenges. Midori cares a lot about other people and less about herself. She has a bit of a temper, so you shouldn't make her mad. But most of the time she's a really calm girl and friendly too.


Azuna Midori 4

Midori has brown, curly hair and gray eyes. She usually wears her hair in a high ponytail. She's normally dressed in jeans or a skirt and a shirt with a bare back, low collar or bare shoulders. She wears a silver bracelet around her left wrist and also wears a silver watch when she's in school or at an appointment. 



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